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hmm.. aarr.. errr...

ini lah jadi nya kalau dah lama tak ber blogging.. seriously people... i am seriously busy.. and owh.. some of you might say, busy tapi masih ada time for twitter.. for FB...for insta..and blog-walking... yes... memang lah boleh selit2, but setakat nak focus on writing a post... it needs concentration and the right mood.. :) if you are a blogger, perhaps you would agree with me. lain lah, if you just post whatever that could be whatever and you don't care whether it could be interesting or not.. but then again.. interesting to me doesn't have to be interesting to others too, right? hemm ok... so this time, i am just gonna write semua skali.. hehehe ready???

last week, on a friday, i went to work in the lrt... and guess whom i met??? taraaa!!! nak panggil uncle.. umur dia pun lebih kurang i jer... hehehe :D so... yeah... i saw him got into the lrt.. as usual, when i got stunned, i tend to stare.. hehehe sorry bro.. tak sengaja... masa tu, memang terasa je nak approach and ask, 'are you the blogger?' hehehe :D tapi mcm... aarr tak yah la kut... and now.. i felt like... i should have... coz i suka sangat bila dapat jumpa bloggers real life ni :) 

err... rasa macam tergantung je posting ni kan... hahahha :D sorry la... my mind is so full of work nowadays... rasa macam laju je setiap hari yang berlalu tu... 


~ teruja tak jupe nor in real life..?? sbb nor pung blogger gaks pe..ahahaha..!!
luper plaks nk add..kak..!! ayat memula tuh macam nk tulih byk sket..? huh!
Ein said…
hahaha kan... mcm byk jer nak tulis.. akak mmg nak tulis psl uncle gedek tu.. itu yg terus lupa bab2 lain.. :P

teruja sgt la jumpa nor kan.. :p
wah. syoknya dapat jumpa uncle gedek. hehe. btw, mamng susah nak concentrate tulis blog. hehe
maitimie said…
waa...bestkn dpt jmpe face to face...
-gedek! said…
Hai... nak tanya.... saya nampak garang tak...? haha!

Lain kalau selish kali kita borak eh? Nak tips pasal kamera!
DuniaSangSuri said…
haaa.. iye.. iye... suri sgt mengerti perasaan ein... mmg suri pon blogger yg ada hangin... tulis n3 kena pikir berkurun baru leh tulis... huhuhu... letih..
ni tgh mencari kekuatan untuk menulis n3 baru... idea berlambak... pemalas tu yg banyak!! so.. kita tunggu si 'pemalas' ni kuor dari urat bdn dulu baru kita tulis n3 baru yea... huhuhuhu..
Ein said…
hhaha unc gedek... not to say garang la... but mmg mcm gambar you lah... serious.. you were on the phone.. pastu i ter stare :p then you pandang balik... ms agaknya your expression mcm "apahal lak minah ni dok pandang2" hehehe :D pastu, i dah turun kat klsentral..

okeh.. next time i will say hi, insyaallah.. but tips camera?? i tak pro.. budak baru belajar.. and sejak pakai smartphone, my dslr dianaktiri kan.. kesian dia :(
jumpa uncle gedek eyh..muka uncle serious x mcm dlm blog tu?ehehe..btw jalan2 sini n follow u sis.. :)

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