Thursday, August 19, 2010

scammer is on action again!

but not to me this time. it happened to my friend, and he emailed to me this morning. the 'buyer's' ayat2 in the email was exactly the same like what i got. omg... this person just continue to cheat people around the world!! and i am glad i shared this with you so that you'll know the scamming activities out there. here's the email from my friend... it was pretty funny when my friend replied to the email.. hehehe :D

From: SS
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 5:49 PM
To: Nurain Mohamed Kalam
Subject: Pendedahan Eksklusif Kisah Scam Mat Black di Malaysia - Page 3 - CariGold Forum

aku iklan kat mudah barang aku,

sekali dapat mail

scammer:Hello Seller,
Am Regina Singleton from UK am interested in
buying your item and i want
you to let me know the cost of the item and i will
like you to get back to my
Email: (
waiting for you...


pastu aku reply
akukurt:only 1k USD..


pastu scammer reply

scammer:Hello seller,
Thanks for the Mail, Am Very Happy to hear From you
so Fast that you Want to sell your item for me. I will Like you to go
and Calculate
the Total cost of 5 units of the item together with the shipping To my son
Address Through (DHL Shipping courier 2-3 Days Delivery) for his
Programmed in College and Don't Forget also to Provide me your Full
Bank Information Below for the Payment to be Made to your Bank
Here is the Information Needed for the Payment
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Swift Code/Bank Code:

Here is my son Shipping address:
Name: Alao Banji
Address:45 boys arena street Mokola
State:Oyo State
Telephone Number:07090145656

Awaiting to For your Fastest Reply

aku reply
akukurt:you know what... FU.CK YOU!

 hahhaha... memang bengong la mamt niger ni, kan dah kene dengan aku!! terus da x reply mail.. wakaka 

sumer sama siot!!! heheheh :D busdus tol aku nihhh wehh... :P
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AnnMah said...

i juga terima email yang semacam dari orang yang sama. after reading ur blog...i totally ignore email dia..buat tak terima aje.

Ein said...

:) thanks for the credit thru your blog ann