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the celebration

by - April 20, 2010

our 1st year anniversary celebration was delayed to a few days.. kaiser had a meeting that night. i took the day off, simply because i want a day off. does it make sense? :P anyway.. thought wanted to have lunch but since kununnya i wanted to surprise my hubby, i was the one who got surprised coz kaiser had meetings one after another... ended, i had a massage, facial and hairdo :)

kaiser gave me a gift the night before... and me?? have not bought anything for him... why? i cannot decide what to get him because, he is so f u s s y... :P hahha... ended i decided to get him a handphone to replace his china phone :P finally! he didn't like it at first... too complicated, kata nya... aparaaa... last2 when he saw my muncung face... i think he felt guilty.. hmmph.. padan muka :P

15th april 2010: 3 days later, i decided to have another try... hahhaa :D LOL... planned to take the whole family for dinner :) since kaiser and kids like japanese food... i took them to melting pot, concorde for dinner.. so that i can have my live band... hahha :D isnt that smart? ;) invited SJ and J as well to join us :) we had a great time.. good food and nice music ;) aahhh SJ got us nice gifts from Bali... loved it!


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