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The 5 Things That Make Some People Magnetic

1.   Personality: a MOTIVATED leader Who do people want to be around? A happy, motivated leader communicates joy, passion, and excitement.  We do not want to be FAKE.  However, to compliment others, welcome them with a smile, and be positive is an attitude, not a personality.
2.  Power:  A PASSIONATE leader I can tell when I am around a person of depth.  They have tapped into personal truth.  They are deeply committed to their values while still wanting to learn from others. You only develop passion with exposing yourself to people of passion.  Read, watch videos, attend meetings, and digest the truths that transform.  People will become fascinated with what you are passionate about. 
3. Purpose:  A VISIONARY leader. People follow CLARITY.  I am amazed that they seem to follow clarity over character!   Take the time to give deep thought to your goals, ideas, and strategies so that you can easily communicate them to any and every person.  A leader who has clarity will always have fo…