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Ayah turned 80

we had a mini celebration on the day itself which was on 12 Nov 2019, at Fish Manhattan Restaurant in Wangsa Walk Mall.

we always have makan2 or big party when we celebrate our birthdays. it is a good excuse to have a good gathering within the family members. when we get extra excited we tend to extend the invitation to our relatives as well. this year ayah turns 80 and earlier, of course we wanted a big party for ayah, spending extra together with the relatives and get a good musician to perform. however, along the way, i dont know whose idea it was but it was a brilliant idea that we just keep to Kalam Clan only - and of course exceptional for AH. as somehow or rather he has been accepted to be a Kalam Clan member, although still sort of unofficial. 😊 ihik... kira on probation lah ni. 

and actually most thanks to N1 for sponsoring the venue and main dish, N2 (that's me 😋) sponsored the t-shirts for N1 and parents while N3 and N4 together with Marissa & Kelly co-organised the games for Telematch. we stayed at Serinity at PD from 15 to 18 Nov 2019. but since AH just finished his course on the 15th, we went on the 16th, that is on saturday. the bungalow is huge. just nice for all of us actually except that for me, i shared the room with Idz's nanny, joey and AH slept at the AV room aka karaoke room. i sang till my voice became husky. i tell you, the songs list are from the 60s to 80s! lagu baru memang la tak de. tak pasal2 jugak joey sang lagu my way! 😂

cuaca memang panas kat PD so bila tengah panas, we lepak in the house, karaokeing or sleeping. bila dah petang baru we gathered at the play area in the house compound for the telematch. telematch was supposed to be on saturday but most of us end up sleeping, and ayah went fishing with imran, so we had to postpone to sunday morning. that saturday night N1 got herself confused with the menu - so the BBQ last2 tak jadi, end up jadi dinner biasa tapi sedap je. and malam tu jugak la we cut the cake. theme for the party was 'park rangers' ada jugak yang nak jadik power rangers, nasib baik idea tu kena cantas awal2... 😋

i am so glad that AH blends in well with the Kalam Clan, i hope he will remain like that or not, be better in the future, insyaAllah. nanti the next post aku akan cerita pasal the stay pulak - boleh buat review. oh by the way, we got attacked by monkeys on sunday tu. tengah kitorang syok2 relaks, monyet pun bergumbira kat dapur masuk through tingkap. 

 Monkeys Attack
click on the picture for video

so kitorang punya activities were eating, playing telematch,  karaoke, swimming at the pool and makan. on sunday petang tu we went to teluk kemang for tea, lepas tu N4 sibuk nak tengok sunset walaupun ditentang oleh mama sebab idriz is too young to be out during maghrib. hehehe tapi tak pe, kita doa yang baik2 je ye. 

sorry la posting ni berkecamuk sikit, sebab macam banyak nak cerita tapi time sangat limited - gitu. so i just cerita je lah yang mana teringat sebab macam excited and best. yang tak bestnya - ada post holiday syndrome. jadik lemau nak pi kerja, and start dah rindu kat AH. 


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