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EMCEE for the Day: Forum on Cogeneration

31 Oct 2019: Alhamdulillah, thank you for the trust that was given to me again this time. Semoga Allah kurniakan rezeki buatku lain kali. this forum was sort of continuation from last workshop held in august 2019. masa mula2 committee bagitau ada VIP, and besar kemungkinan menteri akan datang, didn't thought that i would get the opportunity to be the emcee again. but, rezeki dari Allah, alhamdulillah aku di beri peluang and kepercayaan lagi sekali. 
work at the office almost double sekarang sebab kat office pun dah ada tanggungjawab baru (lebih kurang). but tak apa, kalau everything aku susun elok2, insyaallah Allah permudahkan. cuma extra penat cikit. aku mintak organiser emailkan agenda, aturcara and benda2 lain untuk aku susun dalam text aku for the event. the night sebelum event aku dapat 8 biodata presenters yang aku kena baca. nasib tak baik, aku kena susun and buat karangan sebab bio yang di hantar masih raw and panjang sangat. in summary, malam tu aku tido pukul 430am! tha…

al fatihah buat pitt hanif

i knew FA masa aku mula2 jadi zumba instructor from wayback 2014. FA would come to my classes with her friends and when i have my zumba party, FA will come and support with her children. 
masa mula2 aku baca kat IG FA, aku terkejut, mula2 aku ingatkan it was a new drama sebab FA is an actress. and bila aku scroll lagi, dada aku jadi ketat, tangan aku sejuk and memang aku betul2 terkedu baca the news and straightaway aku whatsapp FA to check on her and share my feelings about the situation. at this point of time memang FA perlukan all the doa and strength she could get. the news gets more sad bila his body was found - aku tak boleh nak bayangkan perasaan seorang isteri, ibu dan anak2 FA. to be honest hingga ke hari ni aku belum sempat lagi berjumpa dengan FA - maybe i don't know how to face her and maybe i don't know what to say to her when i meet her. until right now while writing this down, aku sama2 sedih... sedihnya seorang isteri kehilangan suami yang dicintai secara tiba…

Weight Management ~ My Journey

still trying something new on my body. for now kadang2 i prefer to meet new people because they do not know how i look like before. so tak de la komen2 yang menyedihkan atau menyakitkan hati. i am not gonna ulang balik what happened to me, you all boleh scroll or search kat right top of this blog and key in Maldives - you can read my story from 1st episode. 
so i couldn't do much and i started this weight management program which is really good but i missed the important part which is, for people like me who were on steroid, either the effect is going to be so slow or it will give a reversed effect. so that explains on the kg part. i have improved in terms of body shape just that i am not satisfied yet. it is too tough for me to reach my goal lah like this. i must achieve 60kg! Kalau achieve lah by Nov, memang aku belanja orang2 kat office ni breakfast roti canai pelita. hahahah πŸ˜†thanks grab food!
korang rasa aku tak stress ke macam ni - stress giler siut.. agaknya itu la one of…

HSN21km Run 2019 - 13 Oct 2019

fuhh beriyer kan? nak gelak dulu.. aku rasa masa aku register ni dengan mspuliz kitorang antara sedar dengan tak kut yang run ni kat putrajaya. memang terasa macam jauh kan? kesian mspuliz la, dia tak tido pun gamaknya lepas kerja terus pick me up at home and went straight to putrajaya. dalam 520am macam tu kitorang gerak. stop kat rnr for solat subuh and teruskan drive ke putrajaya. nak cari tempat satu hal. bila sampai sana jalan dah tutup.
merata kitorang pusing cari parking. at last jumpa la parking dekat dengan university heriot watt. korang tau tak... nak jalan ke starting point pun dah 3km kitorang jalan and dah la lambat... last2 kitorang join half way. kira ok lah tu. half way pun dah 3km hokeh.. depa baru 1km. ko rasa? tapi sambil borak2, ok lah. terasa pulak macam bonding time dengan mspuliz. 
somehow aku rasa organizer kali ni kurang berpengalaman. bila sampai kat tempat nak minum, the crew masih kelam kabut tak habis tuang air. and end up ada runners yang ambik 1 botol i…

KL Pink October Zumba 2019

alhamdulillah this is the 4th year that we are collaborating with HKL Pink October Team. mula2 tu tertanya2 jugak sebab this year macam lambat pulak invitationnya 😁 but again alhamdulillah, kami di beri kepercayaan lagi cuma this year agak berlainan request dari tahun2 lepas. there are request supaya tahun ni lagu2 lebih aggressive and high intensity. so demi memenuhi kehendak organizer, kami gigih memenuhi. 
cuaca yang agak tak menentu sekarang ni memang merisaukan kitorang. tapi nak buat macamana. show must go on. kesian jugak the participants kat tengah2 padang yang becak disebabkan hujan. tapi semangat diorang memang kental. some stayed till the end. somehow, waktu 90 minutes yang organizer beri terpaksa dipendekkan sebab apparently there is another group from the aerobics team akan perform selepas zumba. we all ok je, menurut perintah. so just before our turn started, i cut about 5 songs from our list. 
this year, i did all the medium range as to not exert myself. tapi tengok s…

Laura's Spark

I so need this at the moment. slowing down a little bit due to my upcoming event this Saturday, 19 Oct 2019. Guys/Gals, come and join us for ZUMBA at Hospital Kuala Lumpur at 9pm. anyway, this is not what the posting is all about. it is about my retirement plan. i am in a roller coaster for the past 2 weeks and the result from my doctor last monday was devastating for me. so i am trying to keep my chin up, smile, go on with my life and face the world. tq abg azmi for sharing this in the tsunami group. i did had a chat with him during my training last tuesday at NuSkin office and how he takes this very seriously. i wish i can do the same - soon but not now. i need to learn more. 

Laura’s Spark !
Stay Connected with your Whys  ( Family )
That will burn your Desire to succeed ( Uncommon Freedom )
Have a Vision of what you want to be or where you want to Be  ( To be a Leader to a Group of Leaders )
Set a Mission on how you want to achieve your Vision - see yourself meeting people of the s…

Bulan Sukan Negara

from Hari Sukan Negara, now it is called Bulan Sukan Negara and alhamdulillah, AKO Fitness received an invitation to SK Lembah Keramat to lead Zumba Fitness during the school's carnival. and thanks to YB Anol for giving us the opportunity and trust. we were lucky that abg manzale was also available to join us. it was fun, and i get to do the simple songs together with Zin Nina and Zin Manzale. sikit2 boleh lah, tak berani sangat nak go all out coz i told myself that i will rest till end of this year. 


itu jer aku boleh fikir sekarang ni. aku kena jugak ambik break untuk post blog aku ni sekarang. sorry majikan tapi aku perlu rehat kejap. my brain is working so hard right now. and memang macam2 aku rasa aku nak buat.


i put this up on my IG @zin_ako and has received many queries about this product alhamdulillah. as what Dr Sugeng says during his talk when he was in Malaysia. we can also share on the small products especially the Pharmanex items. as long as the products can help people who needs them, we share. 
i started taking TeGreen few months ago and the effect that i felt was, i felt my body was lighter and felt fresh throughout the day at work. i was also looking for something to lessen the bloating of my tummy. and felt much better after taking it.

there are more testimonials in my ig, @zin_ako so feel free to check it out there! 

This link will lead you to the website and sign up as a member so that you can purchase the product with member's price. membership is free by the way.


iDriz Aqiqah

29 September 2019 was iDriz's aqiqah, last cucu in Kalam's Clan. originally nak buat in Nov tapi di sebabkan ada isu teknikal sket so the aqiqah was brought forward. si N4 ni kalau bab2 mengorganise memang la her food. she would go all out sampai majlis aqiqah dah jadi cantek sangat pelamin macam untuk nikah. memang cantek and done by @adiputra_decor and the price was reasonable. insyaallah kalau ada rezeki time aku esok, boleh la tanya2 risik2 harga.  anyway, aku punya job macam biasa is sound system. so since buat kat dalam rumah je, aku bawak my medium size speaker and microphones. itu pun my dad called and ingatkan. N4 senyap je, aku ingat dia dah arrange outsource ke apa. mana la aku tau kan. so anyway itu semua small matter. so malam preparation tu aku dengan AH dah bawak speaker and mic siap2 and letak kat tepi dinding near the living room where the marhaban team will be.  seronok tengok gang ayah kat keramat tu gather for the last time. why did i see say for the last t…