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monday blues?

aku tak rasa aku ada monday blues. pada aku any time kalau aku rasa tak de mood maka tak de mood lah nak gi kerja. sebenar2nya memang otak aku dah tepu nak pergi kerja. dah bosan tahap maksima dengan benda2 kat office. apa yang buat aku masih bertahan are my people. yes my people as in my team members kat office yang memang masih semangat bekerja. diorang pun macam aku jugak, kerja sebab nak put food on the table. tapi sejak dua menjak ni hati aku dah tak ada kat office. tapi aku kena la jugak gi kerja kan. kalau tak diri sendiri, siapa nak tanggung aku. 
kadang2 kita plan banyak benda tapi akhir cerita mesti up to Allah swt. kalau dulu time aku muda2, aku ingat bila dah kahwin, suami akan tanggung aku sepenuhnya. tapi semua tu dalam drama je sebenarnya. kalau di tanggung sepenuhnya pun hidup boleh stress, mana tak nya, nak beli apa2 semua kena mintak izin. you will have no buying power at all sebab dependent on others. 
so now, at my age, aku masih mengejar, urmmm is that the right w…

Restless Nights

last night, balik2 rumah je, pengsan. my brain was too tired. kaki memang sakit dah berapa hari. sebenarnya niat nak PT tapi sebab stayback kejap kat office takut rushing, terus whatsapp my trainer mintak tukar next week. then berangan nak pi zumba but sakitnya kaki, Tuhan je tahu. i sort of tertido by 9pm. tu pun kena makan pain killer. sakit giler. then entah macamana terjaga kul 1am baru pi sidai towel yang aku basuh sebelum tertido tu. mischa je temankan aku macam biasa. 
sidai kain, sort out garbage.. nak keluarkan sampah nak dekat 2am, takut pulak. hmm biar je lah dulu. then layan istanbul aku datang. memang saje je tengok separuh2, supaya leh sambung. best citer tu. comel jer dua2. 
lepas tu aku kacau AH kul 4am.. hehheh mana boleh tengok dia tido sedap lena jer. tapi biasa la, kalau dia dah tido, kaghang end up aku cakap sorang2. sama je kalau aku ngantuk pun. hehehe mamai and tak sedar sangat. 
kul 645am alarm dah bunyi.. sib baik AH call and kejut lagi dalam kul 7 lebih.. t…

Short Getaway Part II

masa aku attend one training, we were taught to think of something that make us happy or will make us happy to go through the day. so this is one of my happy thoughts for me today lah. throwback sikit. i don't know why la but nowadays jarang pulak aku nak cerita pasal AH kan. bukan apa, kang orang kata over exposed, belum ada apa2 dah nak tayang2 the emotion. although most of the time i don't give a shite about what people think lah kan.

but that weekend we traveled back to his hometown. betullah kadang2 kita cakap, or most of the time kita cakap kita plan tapi Allah yang tentukan. so that was what happened. masa aku pergi singapore hantar Lisa tu, aku rasa macam baik i take the opportunity to actually use up my long leave and pergi masuk pulau tioman since dari singapore 'nampak' macam dekat and mudah kan. ye lah, pergi je la jetty mersing yang aku ingat macam dekat tapi i think about 4 hours jugak dari singapore. chit... and aku yang tak suka nak travel naik bas, ko…

TR90 Run - 22 Sept 2019

i could not sleep, and i watched Istanbul Aku Datang. everytime kalau nak rasa happy2 aku dont mind watching this over and over again. sebab aku rasa Lisa Surihani tu comel and Beto Kushairy tu so cool dalam citer tu.
so sebenarnya kenapa aku tak leh tido? sebab aku penat sangat kut, atau aku banyak sangat fikir. and aku rasa seronok sangat sebab aku berjaya habiskan 4.85km. mula2 patut diorang kata 4km, lepas tu aku fikir gak, awat lah tak sampai2.. originally aku datang untuk support je and jaga 2 kenit tu, my 2 nieces aged 9 and 4 years old. tapi bila aku sampai tengok semua orang punya semangat lain macam, so aku pun join lah. thanks jugak tu my running buddy mspuliz walaupun seperti biasa dia tak cukup tido sebab bertugas malam tu. and plus today mspuliz pun main2 je, memang fun for all of us. yang best nya siap ada obstacles tuh!! 
anyway back tu Istanbul Aku Datang, dulu i was like that, bila tulis blog, aku tulis macam aku tengah bercakap dengan korang. tapi entah sejak bila …

Inspiration to Change

have you ever asked yourself what/who inspire/motivates you to change? tak kisah lah change dari segi apa pun. samada your behaviour, your financial, your career, your belief and banyak lagi. sometimes we were told of a story, someone's life story, and how some other people punya daya kehendak/keperluan yang sangat kuat untuk berubah ke arah yang lebih baik in life. kadang2 benda2 baru yang kita nak buat tu tak nampak logic tapi sebab kemahuan untuk berubah itu kuat, we will just move forward. and act towards the goal in life. 
i was introduced to a company called NuSkin accidentally sebenarnya. all started with when i see the changes on in my younger sister, N3 in terms of physical and also health. so, i did a background check on the company. yes, that's what i normally do before i want to do something new. actually kalau kat office ada issue dengan customer, i would do the same background check also. and i also have been exposed to the diagram shown below. but sejak berkali…

Welcome to Uni Life

The day has come that now, my son is registering for his Degree progamme. rasa macam cepat sangat masa berlalu. i always have confidence and faith in my 2 kids. alhamdulillah, they grow up to be good children - challenges in bringing them up and understanding them tu perkara biasa. each time aku ada challenge, i will look back at my own childhood. was i like that before? sebab orang tua2 kata, anak2 kita sedikit sebanyak akan ambik perangai kita jugak. i always pray to Allah that apa2 pun yang turun kat anak2 aku, biarlah benda2 yang baik2 jer. 
joey dalam part senyap dia, memberontak dia, cara study dia, memang banyak ikut aku. aku tau dia bijak (macam aku 😜 #silajanganmuntah) tapi sikap malas tu kuat masa dia kat high school, atau mungkin he has internal issues yang time tu aku pun susah nak get to him. and lagi satu ikut perangai aku adalah --> selalu buat last minute. adehhh... but anyhow, alhamdulillah since dia dah masuk college for his foundation last year, memang banyak s…

Alcea Cafe - my personal review

this is the cafe that joey worked with while waiting for the intake in Sept 2019, after he finishes his foundation program. as i entered the cafe, it makes me feel like i am entering my own kitchen except that this one is of course nicer, cleaner and neater. 😜 only after joey sort of resign since he is starting his class, i get to visit and eat here. didn't have any expectation but when the food came, the food presentation was like eating in a 5 star hotel. 👍 date of visit: 14 Sept 2019locationALCEA CAFE, Persiaran Multimedia (14.90 mi) Cyberjaya 63000.               Tel: 013-399 1248place & decor: nice, cosy, clean although still looks a lil bit empty. cleanliness: 10 out of 10restaurant service: friendly and when you come to the cafe, it feels like you already know the people working here. even the owner serves the customers which you rarely get to see in Malaysia. food: the pasta was yummy and the nasi lemak portion is big for 1 person. price: we are okay with the price…

One life, one body, one chance!

The promotion may have ended but the program is still ON! [edited 4 Oct 2019]

Take the opportunity on this month's promotion that starts 3 Sept until 25 Sept 2019 where you will get the following:
FREE On The Go Blender worth RM609Chance to win RM5KSupport group during the programFREE health assessment & coachingNO starving/cravingNO rebound How to do it totally for FREE? Whatsapp 012-2905653 now! 

YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport Review

continued from previous posting.

... So we went straight to Yotelair. honestly, mula2 rasa mahal. and plan asal, nak pergi Singapore bertiga sekali dengan Joey. but since tak de plan nak jalan2 sangat kat Singapore tu, Joey decided not to go. jadi lah mom daughter trip sahaja. 
date of visit: 28 Aug - 29 Aug 2019locationYotelair Changi, Singaporeroom: 1 room (cabin for two)decor: impressive - futuristic and we got so excited coz it makes us feel like we are in outaspace!cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10. hotel service: the staff at the reception was friendly and we get to check in earlier, otherwise the check in is supposed to be at 6pm. cafe service: there was a small are for coffee, tea and snacks N/Apool: N/Arate: SGD 167.72lift: ok.

A night in Singapore

it was quite an impromptu plan. lisa was going back to USA via Singapore.  i was quite nervous at first but i learned to meditate few weeks ago after meeting with a friend. probably i will write another posting on that - meditation. had my anxiety pills ready, just in case before travelling. yes, i have anxiety issues.
anyway, the journey went well, alhamdulillah. we arrived 20 minutes earlier - wow to AirAsia for that. and this time, i took priority seats. 
Lisa: sejak bila mama start beli priority seats ni? Me: sejak rajin travel solo. i just want to escape from the hassle queuing so long and enjoy my trip.  Lisa: oh ok... cool 😄 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lisa: I think kita check in awal lah, nak tak Ma? Me: errmm boleh, Saa belanja? Lisa: ok jerss.. Me: **mentang2 dia earn USD** hehehe 
Lisa macam dah biasa je kat Singapore tu. maybe sebab she arrived in Singapore first before landed in KLIA few weeks ago. and she gets to explore.  So we went straight to Yotelair. honestly, mula2 rasa mahal. and …

Short Getaway

for many years that i have been in mersing, i have only 'landed' at jetty mersing before i hopped in tioman island. never thought that one day i will be 'browsing' the town and housing area of mersing. but because last weekend, AH invited me to his hometown, i get to explore mersing more than usual. 
it has been a long time since i did a review on hotels. this time it is going to be airbnb. i was a host myself, and this time, i get to be a guest. lowered down my expectation but when i reached the place, it was beyond my expectation. the owner did a great job in making their home cosy and comfortable for guests. 
date of visit: 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2019.locationJalan Lama, Mersing, 1 room with private bathroom.decor: seems to be quite new. love the simple and practical arrangement of the room. cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10airbnb service: friendly and courteous host. others: cute bicycles for rent! They can be used for free for guests! 😀rate: reasonable…