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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 2019

AH decided to celebrate hari raya with me and family in KL. i asked him if he has plans to go back to his hometown. but since the off days are short, he decided to be with me during raya aidil adha. despite me being happy coz he will be with me, i am also sad coz i don't know what was joey's plan. AH has been so sweet, and patient with me (for now - i hope he will stay like that even when we are married 😜).

N1 bought many durians on raya eve. so after we are done helping out preparing for raya, i asked AH to open up 1 durian for me. so that night from 1 durian became 3, i think. by around 9pm i was already tired and wanted to go home. actually kan, i don't know how to write about this posting. see, cakap/tulis pun macam dah tunggang terbalik. 

dah lepas makan durian tu memang aku nak balik dah.. and i was also chatting with lisa at the same time. lisa was asking me if i am going home straight soon, i told her i was. but she asked me to stay a bit since joey is on the way home already. and so i agreed. 

until it was already like almost 10.30pm. joey sent a message in the kalam clans' chat group.
  • joey dah sampai
  • bukak lah gate
  • joey bawak gf tau
and no one in kalams clan responded to those statements. i waited till joey open the car's door coz i wanted to hear how many people getting out of the car. ehh betul lah, 2 orang keluar kereta.. and seterusnya, i don't know how to cerita here. or maybe sebab it happened 2 weeks ago, dah tak semangat nak cerita dah. ok ok.. i back dated this posting. 😜 in summary, lisa made a surprise to come back for raya haji!! yey! when i get the video from my kids, i will add up to this posting. 

ada nampak mummy happy? hahahah :D
walaupun montel, lesung pipit masih ada hokeh.
kalam's clan plus future member. membership drive is still open sehingga diberitahu kelak 😋


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