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EMCEE for the Day: Awareness & Benefits of Co-generation Workshop

actually i should be thankful to my boss for nominating me as one of the participants/volunteers as committee. to be honest, when i first attended the meeting, i was quite intimidated by the attendees. ye lah, semua macam dah experienced jer and ala2 bosses level. nasib baik lah ada MS and mamat ni jenis sempoi and happy go lucky je. dulu masa mula kena mamat ni, dia ni pendiam. maklum lah baru being transferred to our company. rupanya bila dah biasa, sempoi jugak dia ni and jenis suka tolong orang. 

so one after another, memang aku agak blur tapi so far aku try not to miss the meeting. i love doing events. for this workshop kitorang cuma tolong2 je. and aku tak lah faham sangat pasal co-gen ni. but when the time comes to agih2kan duty for the event, dengan selambanya aku offer diri as the emcee. 

the last time i became an emcee was when we had a reunion for divers somewhere last year. itu pun bidan terjun. sejarah jadi emcee ni, was at dinner functions and also wedding. so when the task keluar i took the opportunity to offer myself. mula2 tu memang la gabra but dah lama sikit tu okay jer. 

muka2 participants memang agak tegang sebab maybe event ni pun agak serious and quite technical. aku tak la faham mana but ada la kutip ilmu sikit. and yang best bila lepas ni, sesiapa nak service emcee for your events, boleh la pm sis ok 😁 rate kawan2 jerss... aku tengok rate depa ni kat internet, fuh dahsyat2, takut aku tengok. tapi kalau you all nak emcee yang sempoi, nothing fancy, boleh la pm sis. 😁

the day before the event i dropped by at concorde hotel to meet up with the main organiser. i get to go through the script and did a round of sound check. when i got home, cleaned up the script and make sure i get them all organised for the next day. siap beli top blazer baru ok.. half sponsored by AH. hehehe 😀tq sayang 😘 reason for buying - malas nak cakap sini. but already told AH, i am going to get the pants as well next sebab lagi senang bila ada sepasang. 

Almost the whole task force with Speakers


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