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Sebak - Part II

And due to this, I could not attend the training session yesterday. I know I will not be able to focus. Aku dah rasa that creeping feeling inside of me and I can feel that I can just burst into tears at any moment. (Actually dah ternangis pun) Kalau lah aku ni sihat 100% macam dulu, I would just dance myself out, or call my PT and will do my weight training with him, but currently at the state of my health right now, I have some limitations. 

So, I decided to do some walking. Nak jalan2 atas treadmill, memang muntah kebosanan lah aku kan.  Jogging and walking on treadmill is so not me. I'd rather sleep in my bed than doing something as boring as that. Tak leh imagine macamana some people can do that for half hour or so. And thanks to AA for accompanying me. Sekarang ni pun aku rasa I cannot be doing exercises alone, walaupun just brisk walk. Somehow at times, I can just get weird spasm which I cannot explain where and why. 

Semalam mengah jugak but alhamdulillah we managed to walk like 5km for 75 minutes and i burnt 1400++ calories. Felt a bit lega and ease the serabut-ness in my head. 

Our walk terinfluenced got distracted by Thai Food Festival kat Wangsa Walk Mall. Tak tau yang ada lagi, I discovered masa weekend haritu tu masa MrH and I nak pi sana to collect baju Lisa yang hantar pergi alter. 


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