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Bukan Cinta Aku

another malay drama that i got hooked on. maybe sebab shafiq kyle selalu tweet and maybe sebab nak tengok janna nick lagi. tak sangka dapat jumpa baim wong... hik hik hik 😋 dah lama gila kut tak tengok baim wong berlakon. pendek kata - terjebak lah gitu. 

agaknya cowok2 indonesia kalo bicara kayak gini ya.. lembut sekali pertuturan bahasanya. 

again, drama melayu, what do you expect...? cinta antara 2 darjat lah kan, apa lagi. so this riana the rich girl fell in love with his driver, arjuna (baim wong). bila tengok expression si arjuna ni kadang2 geram jugak.. macam, betul ke mamat ni sayang kat riana ni. i guess some men are not good in showing their emotions but the actual fact, they do love their women. is that right? 😁

so the thing is, kalau pun parent si riana ni bengang sangat dengan arjuna ni, bukan la dia tak berpelajaran pun, he could not continue his study coz his dad died, so tak cukup duit gitu. again, pasal si miskin dengan si kaya. oh well.. honestly, i do not think riana is able to live in a house like that la kan. unless, kalau aku riana, i would rebuild the house to be more comfy so that i can live in that house. hehehe 😀

disebabkan tahap stress yang agak melampau, semalam i skipped many episodes and jumped to the end.. ep 18 rasanya.. alaa si arjuna jadi gila!! 😭 okay, ini lain sikit lah dari drama2 yang sebelum ni. but serious kesian tengok arjuna jadi gila.. huuwaaa... 😭

so today is the final ep, ep 20, lets watch which one. sedih la jugak, kalau nak treat pun, how well can he be. baik dia dengan tengku isma tu, and he is a nice and responsible husband pun. riana ni tak tau di untung betul. disebabkan cinta, orang akan belajar menipu dan lupa ibu bapa sendiri. ibu bapa yang dah beri segala2nya untuk kebaikan anak. oh well... this is just a drama, but i supposed, mesti berlaku jugak kut, kat luar sana tu - who knows. 

lepas ni nak layan drama lain - yang MrH tengah layan... kekeke 😀 jangan tak tau, dia ni kaki drama jugak. 

yang aku pelik, kenapa pesen skirt riana dia suka pakai macam tu ek... yang ala2 tingkat2 tu. ingatkan sehelai je macam tu, but almost semua skirt dia dalam cerita tu pakai macam tu. confirm sponsored but agak2lah.. takkan semua scene pakai macam tu, kan. and her dresses reminds me of the dresses my aunt wore way back in the 80s.

pasal qisha pulak, sekarang dah nampak perangai sebenar dia. so psycho! omg.. seriously, kalau aku isma, i wont' go back to her. 


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