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Divers Iftar 2019

Currently i belong to 2 groups, 1 group from the Tenggol trip last year and another group is the Maldives group. and since some of us belonged to both groups, we decided to combine the iftar for divers this year. mula2 plan awal bulan ramadhan but organizer postponed coz i was still warded and some other divers are out of KL. hehehe 😜so aku tak de la rasa guilty sangat kalau jadi penyebab iftar divers di postponed a few times.  
last night we had our iftar, finally. many thanks to MR jugak for scouting the place for our iftar. MR memang selalu keluar2 makan and he knows la which tempat makan yang reasonable pricing. and this time we ate at Homst Chinese Muslim Restaurant at Kg Baru. memang meriah la i makan all the udang.. bermacam2 jenis masakan gua cakap lu. you can browse more photos from the internet. ini pun i took from the internet coz that night, dah makan tak sempat nak ambik gambar. detached from my wetsuits and fins on that night too. Lind bought my wetsuit. KR bought my f…


watched on 24 dec 2018: this review was in my draft posting that i forgot to finish and post it up. so here goes. 

i saw the trailer about this movie on twitter. and when i saw that sandra bullock is the actress, lagi la i want to watch the movie. tapi i can feel that the movie is gonna be full of suspense. so when MrH was here, i asked him if he wants to watch this on netflix. memang sakit jantung kejap lah tengok citer ni.. ehh bukan kejap but almost the whole movie. aku dah siap tutup muka dengan cushion while asking MrH to tell me the progress of the movie. 
penat sebab you can't see what is actually attacking them. and not knowing what is their future like. she had to keep on rowing the boat for many hours to go to the next destination blindfolded. memang challenging gila. and the 2 kids were so obedient. sedih pun ya tengok... but they were all so strong. dengan current lagi... dengan hasutan from the voice that they hear.. with the 'zombies' lagi... adehhh.. memang …

me, stay home mom

me, being a stay home mom for another week after being discharged from prince court medical centre (pcmc) was very relaxing and i have achieved a few things. you guys might be tired of me talking about the pain that i have. pain score differs from 2 to 4 out of 10. bearable but with pain killers. my puffy face dah memang tak leh cakap apa2. my legs are also swollen, belakang lutut, ankle. 
i used the time that i have at home by relaxing, i am so glad that MrH was with me over the weekend. my only exercise was walking, not even brisk walking but window shopping walking with MrH and walking slowly for my standard. i still get tired easily and after sometime i will have to stop and rest. or sometimes, after a few minutes i will get dizzy while walking. so until today, actually walking alone is not that safe for me? i know it is so boring depending on others to accompany me just to go somewhere. what if i faint? #dramasangat but it is true. there was this once, as i was walking i just fe…


It is indeed my pleasure to share this info among my readers. Please feel free to spread the words around. 
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Namun, pahala Ramadan usah dibiar berlalu pergi begitu sahaja. Atas dasar keprihatinan, IRM ingin menyeru orang ramai yang tidak putus-putus berkongsi rezeki pada bulan barakah ini untuk terus bersedekah menerusi kempen Sedekah Ramadan #10MalamTerakhir
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Iftar Zumba Sisters

my ramadhan was a short one being with my friends and family outside. since i was discharged from the hospital, i am limiting myself from being outside in the public. the only time that i blocked my schedule was to be with my zumba family and divers gang. 
last night we had our iftar together. thanks to AZ for organizing and sending out the invites. makan sedap sini cuma sebab my tekak and mulut masih rasa pahit, bila makan semua rasa pahit. try jugak nak pilih2 tapi masih pahit. so what i can do is just telan. walau pun tak cukup quorom macam biasa, siapa yang ada je lah. and as usual, when it comes to AKO Fitness ladies, sekarang ni orang2 yang sama je available. but aku tetap bersyukur. harap2 this friendship akan berkekalan sampai bila2.  so far dah a few times iftar with my zumba sisters, i will bring joey along. aku ni kalau boleh memang nak selalu ada anak2 berbuka sama2. sampai bila lagi pun. sementara boleh. ni lagi2, aku takboleh drive sejak keluar hospital, syukur joey ada…

6 May - 17 May 2019

Salam & Morning.

After 12 days warded, Alhamdulillah i can be discharged today. Hopefully before noon.  Pain bearable although still there. So, coming home with painkillers tablet.

Yesterday evening was my 2nd time and alhamdulillah last injection for steroids on my right ribs.

Thank you everyone for the doas and visits πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜ only Allah swt can repay your kindness.

I am taking it easy and I do need your support emotionally.. be nice in your words to me if you see my physical changes. πŸ‘ˆi mean this

This #noordinarywoman WILL be back!  😜

love you all πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ€—

Friday 17 May 2019
Prince Court Medical Centre, KL

Dr HL has been very patient with me and done all the necessary steps and listening to my complains on my pain. It was indeed a good decision to go under Dr HL's care after my incident in Maldives for his specialties. Yes, it has been a long journey. Setiap detail complains he address although I can see in your some like, not to say blur but you were also …

Day 10 - warded

today marks the 10 day i am being warded at the hospital. i don't know if this has got anything to do with my incident back in maldives in january but what i know i have vulnerable lungs at this point of time. although i tried so hard not to get myself sick, somehow the environment is not helping people like me. or was it work stress? or too much thinking of what is next life has for me? i know for sure it is somewhat about AH. hmmm too much on that. i should deviate my focus on other things - things that we/i are more certain and i can control of. 
i should just get back on track on getting really healthy. really try to do something else to distract my frustration on not having be able to do the usual exercise that uses my strength so much. so, right now, definitely no weight training, no full zumba teaching, no swimming hmm what is left? yoga?? i really need to get the time with maria.  
as i am writing this now, i just had my minor procedure to jab steroid on my right ribs for…

AgeLoc is For You

Like some of you, i was skeptical at first. What drives me to share this programme is when i see my younger sister (N3) changed her lifestyle with this programme. Everyone know how much she loves to eat and she is a wonderful baker. And her cakes and cookies are yummy which makes it difficult to change her lifestyle to a healthier way. I have tried many ways  to help her [believe me, i gave up on her being her sister who is also a group fitness instructor] but all these while,  πŸ‘‰ either she didn't want to do it,  πŸ‘‰ her yes is not powerful enough,  πŸ‘‰ she didn't get enough support from her close family and friends,  πŸ‘‰ she is just plain lazy,  πŸ‘‰ i think she hates the fact of being hungry and craving πŸ‘‰ she is frustrated with the rebound when she stops on any programme. 
Sorry sis... hehhehe πŸ˜€ i love you still 😘no matter what, okay. and I am so proud of you on the transformation and decision that you have made FOR YOU!
I saw her journey when I go to #38 (our parents house …

Get Motivated!

Why do people say you can't do it? 😎 Because 'they want to see you the way you are, 😎 Everybody who are closer to you, a friend, a colleague, or somebody else - always want you to be who you are for them. 😎 Some people don't want to see a change in you because they will feel your change is a threat to them 😎 So, let that be your motivation and show them what you are made of 😜 😘 #motivation #wordporn #gettoyourgoals #healthylifestyle #jomkurus #jomsihat #cergasramadan #kembarfafau #zinako #hadistory #akofitness #keepitup #fitnessfreak #fitwoman #fitman #fitcouple #tr90 #ageloc #90daysbodytransformation
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Class starts tomorrow (8 May 2019 at 8.45pm during Ramadhan) at Xtreme Hardcore Gym No 8-2 Lorong Dataran Wangsa, Dataran Wang…

relationship goals

what is relationship to you? sometimes being single is okay until you really have or found someone who is worth to be with. maybe betul lah apa orang cakap/tulis, bila dah lama single, being in a relationship membuatkan kita rasa sedikit pelik. off late ni aku banyak fikir, or maybe aku terlebih fikir. tiba2 aku risau aku tak dapat bagi yang terbaik untuk dia. i am feeling a bit errmm i dont know what is the word for it. but offlate ni aku kerap fikir, am i enough for him. will he be happy with me? what if i cannot give him what he wants? what's next? memang aku fikir banyak πŸ˜ͺ 
for the past few months he has made me a happy person and almost complete. selagi kitorang tak de 'lesen' tak boleh la nak kata complete lagi, kan? πŸ˜‹ tapi memang he has always been there for me, time aku sedih, happy, sihat, tak sihat, memang dia sentiasa ada and aku memang thankful sangat. tapi sekarang ni aku tengah emo sendiri kut.  this week ada cuti kat tengah2 minggu. aku baru cakap bestnya…


haa!! mesti korang ingat dah habis kan? hehehe πŸ˜†ish korang ni.. ada 1 more day, the day that we all balik KL. dalam hati aku, memang takut. entah lah maybe sebab mengenangkan journey yang lebih kurang 5 jam and dengan ketinggian gitu with my condition. memang aku ngaku aku takut. aku dah siap2 pack ubat2 aku untuk menenangkan hati. 
on the way back tu memang TK agak pelik lah. well actually the whole of maldives trip TK was a bit awkward. aku tak tau nak explain macamana tapi memang dia awkward, but lantak la kan. kalau dia nak bersikap macam tu. malas aku nak layan sebenarnya walaupun aku tertanya2 jugak kenapa. but it is ok lah. we cannot control how other people want to behave pun. 
anyway, aku duduk sebelah TK sebab memang dah book seat macam tu masa awal2 dulu. sebab asalnya kitorang pergi berempat. anyway tak payah la nak cerita detail. tapi aku tak berapa tenang masa balik tu. the kind of conversation pun agak menyakitkan hati. entah la aku rasa macam TK ni tak puas hati denga…