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30 Jan 2019: after all the experiences that i have got during my trip to maldives, tak bermakna i did not enjoy myself, kan. bila kita redha dengan ketentuanNya, we are more relaxed. lebih kurang gitu lah. i was discharged after 3 days, masa nak balik ke pulau tu, memang Hamey yang temankan aku sentiasa. he is such a nice guy. baik sangat and sangat perihatin. cuma bab komunikasi tu mencabar jugak lah, kan. habis bag2 aku semua dia nak carry, padahal aku rasa berat kut my knapsack tu. 
masa mula2 nak naik boat ke pulau where the rest of our group nak berkumpul for BBQ tu aku cuak jugak. jantung aku dah debar2. ye lah, aku tengok air laut dah tak menenangkan macam dulu. aku masih trauma barangkali. infact sampai sekarang pun rasanya. aku masuk dalam boat tu aku tanya Hamey,
do they have life jacket?
yes, they have.
where are the life jackets?
there, at the front of the boat. 
why so far? if anything happens, do we have time to get the life jackets?
can you swim?
yes, i can swim. but...

The Emergency Evacuation

i thought might as well i finish these episodes and really try to move on and i really need to get the trauma out of my system. well, for someone who actually 'died' for awhile, it was something scary to go through. and the thought of God giving you a 2nd chance. tak nak ke ko buat sehabis baik?  i was pulled up and as i leaned on the side of the boat, i coughed again, and the was more blood came out and splattered in the boat. and i felt like a fish who is being pulled out of the ocean and trying to gasp for air for me to breathe. i coughed again and i felt like i am so full of water and i just needed to coughed it all out. it tasted like blood. my throat tasted like blood. dalam pada antara aku sedar tak sedar suddenly we were already nearby our dive boat. i was helped up on the dive boat and given oxygen by ST our group leader from malaysia. i was laid on top of the place where we normally sit or put our dive cameras. i was still coughing and i had short of breath. and one …

Avengers End Game - my personal review

tapi lepas ni jangan marah aku pulak kalau ini jadi spoiler. memang la aku excited nak tengok citer ni. berangan nak tengok gold class sebab aku tahu movie ni panjang.. berbaloi kalau nak dok kat recliner chair tu for 3 hours kut. but due to time constraints, and limited place, terima je lah tengok kat aeonau2. masa mula2 book, tak sampai pun 10 orang kat panggung tu, tapi malam tadi bila pergi, dah penuh panggung dengan manusia. 
aku keletihan sebenarnya. dengan tak berapa sihat lagi (korang mesti dah muak kan dengan aku yang tak berapa sihat ni) but anyway macam tu la kenyataan nya. jangan MrH bosan dengan keadaan aku sudah. tapi bukan selalu aku macam ni. just that it happens.. shit happens. aku rindu sangat kat MrH sebenarnya tapi kena lah terima kenyataan about long distance relationship ni. it is pretty expensive. but, i guess sometimes love needs sacrifice? cheywah... #tolongjanganmuntah. aku hargai his pengorbanan on time and energy untuk aku. ehh.. apsal aku terpesong ni? ha…

vision board and me

how to make a vision board that works - law of attraction: i want to share something educational to all my readers today and the reason why i am saving this in my blog is so that i can watch it again. i have done my vision board many years ago and whether you want to believe it or not, some of the things that i put in my vision board - i have achieved. #alhamdulillah. 

i don't know why but i have been thinking of creating another vision board for the past few days. and today when i browse through the internet, i find that some people creates their vision board on a yearly basis? uurmmm well, it is good so that you work on certain goals in life but if i were to do that, it will end up like an office KPI which i do not want it to be. i want my dreams to be achievable and having fun going through life without being stressful in achieving what i want in life. 

so the above are a few examples of vision boards that i found online - which, not to my liking coz i feel that some are too cl…


aku tak tau nak citer pasal keserabutan atau benda2 yang menyeronokkan aku. there are too many activities going around in my life lately. maybe i can do some excerpts of them? untuk you all yang dah rindukan my postings. errr rindu ke? ihik... 😛 kejap aku pikir apa yang membuatkan aku serabut. not really serabut lah cuma something new yang aku kena fikir. 
sekarang ni since aku tak berapa nak sihat, tak la sakit cuma kena slow down aka lemau sikit until i am fully able to workout like i used to. so my side income pun agak slow. buat masa ni i have to share among 3 other instructors more. and i don't have my own portion. apa2 pun aku selalu fikir memang ada or akan ada hikmah di sebalik setiap perkara yang berlaku. aku tau kisah ni agak membosankan and dah drag for few months now. almost half a year kut. entah lah. agaknya Tuhan nak suruh aku fikir jugak something else that i can do for my side income other than zumba kut. bukan aku nak complain cuma sekadar share apa yang dalam …

believe in me

i can do this. i have not been really exercising except when i walk around in the office, which is not much at all. and i have not been really working except during office discussions and meeting simply because i felt down and not productive. wow.. 👀 what a confession - in the open! but that is what blogging is all about, right? for me to express and to let out my whatever feelings.
okay, enough about me at work. now let's get back to what i wanna actually share with you. it is my fitness journey. i really have to get out of this low self esteem thingy. i didn't want to meet people because i hate listening to them commenting about my rounded face. that is how it affected me so badly.
so yesterday, i started to join zumba class. i really need to get back on 'loving' zumba. yeah, need to get the mood kicks in. hey, i have an event to attend to shadow my ZIN friend next 2 weekends. so, it is true as AH says, i need to get back on track to increase my stamina. last night…

no exercise - makan berpada2

ada je yang bersuara pasal aku tak berexercise. kalau tak faham situasi aku, aku sarankan tak payah lah try nak jadi miss/mr you know everything. bikin aku panas telinga je. memang kalau anyone nak lose weight sebenarnya pemakanan 80% and exercise 20% or some says 70%, 30%. tak kisah la yang mana pun tapi hakikatnya memang pemakanan plays an important role. 
kalau korang rajin, korang boleh keep track pakai fitness pal. it is not 100% accurate but it can be used as guideline on how to control certain food intake and you arrange your daily activities with working out. memang seronok kalau ko makan certain amount of food, and then bila ko exercise, ko boleh tengok how much you burn. 
aku memang seorang yang pemakan, and alhamdulillah aku memang sentiasa active sejak zaman sekolah lagi. ha korang kira la lifestyle aku dah berpuluh tahun macam tu gayanya. and memang you can't deny as you age, agak slow untuk ko turunkan berat badan. same goes to me jugak. in fact sekarang ni memang a…


Drinking water is beneficial to your health, but the health benefits of drinking water first thing every morning are far-reaching. To understand why drinking water in the morning is important, let’s consider a simple analogy.
The human body can be likened to a complex machine that works non-stop every minute of every day until its engine (the heart) stops. If you have a fair idea of the way machines work, you’d know that such a machine would require regular oiling to keep its different moving parts, including the engine working optimally. Water is that oil that your body requires to keep the various parts in top shape.
Now, if you were to oil the machine in our analogy, when would you consider the best time to do regular oiling? Is it while the machine is very hot and working at full capacity? Obviously not! Most likely first thing in the morning just before the machine begins another round of work. So, in the same way, it makes a lot of sense to ‘oil’ your human machine pretty much the…

Allah swt gave me a 2nd chance

honestly aku nak buat this posting, jantung aku laju jer berdebar2. simply because i have to remember every second how it happened. memang satu peristiwa yang sangat menakutkan tapi sebagai hamba Allah, aku redha and aku rasa kalau it happen to you all pun tak de apa yang korang boleh buat. saat itu memang Allah je yang boleh tolong, tak de lain but Him. 
aku toleh ke kiri aku, i saw DM Lee who has always been close to my side in all my dives in maldives... aku hulur tangan kiri aku... and he, who is always alert, saw me just at the right time. [continuation from Tragedy 28 Jan 2019]i gave him the sign of  'out of air' and memang sepantas kilat DM Lee dah kat depan muka aku, and i showed him my gauge, he looked at it and although he was shocked, he acted fast. he gave me his  alternate octopus and i just let him do what is needed to be done although at that point of time, i have already given my fate to Him. we looked at each other's eyes, saw him giving the signal, "…