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Lima2019 Experience

it was a last minute decision. i have always wanted to go to LIMA event but didnt have the chance to go. i guess those times the reasons were not strong enough? and when AH told me that he gets shore leave for 3 days, i just decide to go since i am getting so stressed in KL anyway. i need my positive and good vibes 😜 😎 and the truth is i really miss him a lot or rather we miss each other a lot. it was tough getting a place to stay. hotels' rates are getting ridiculously expensive so we sorted it out by getting a homestay for the 5 of us.

it was hot and talking about the weather and the men in uniform..but i have my own man in uniform 😉 . masa mula2 sampai tu memang agak terkesima jugak la tengok ramai pulak guys in armed forces uniform. tapi takat tengok gitu2 je lah. hehehe 😁 coz masa tu dah excited nak jumpa AH. he arrived with DL in a rented car, first time naik mitsubishi mirage. ok gak lah. kereta biasa je. 
malam tu memang meriah makannya. aku dah fikir i am on holiday …

lost my patience

just so that you know, i am not that angry. i am just sad. i am sad that people make fun of my current situation or more of condition. aku memang makhluk yang suka makan. and i am lucky that i am a person who is active (unlike now). memang sekarang aku miserable and rasa sedih tapi aku nak buat macamana, kan. aku memang kena sabar. sabar untuk betul2 sihat. aku bukan jenis yang self pity. sebab aku menyampah dengan orang2 yang self pity ni.

so just a few moments ago - aku dah letih dengan orang2 yang perli aku sebab aku makan. hello.. tolong lah. aku tak lunch sebab aku siapkan report aku. at least some people are working here! then aku keluar pun dah 130pm beli barang baju. ye, baju aku banyak dah sendat and i dont like how i look like in some of my baju. so i had to buy lah kan. lepas tu balik office sambung report tadi sambil makan nasi goreng. lagi nak perli.. cakap aku dah keluar tadi.. padahal aku tak makan pun. pastu nak cakap patut la muka aku bulat.

babi! ha kan dah kena ...

heartbreaking - funeral for new zealand attack victims

I got this in my whatsapp this morning as i arrived at the office, shared by my zumba sister, reading these made me teary and have goosebumps. It is very sad to see and to witness cruelty around the world. but at the same time, i am touched by the people of the world - muslims and non muslims together to show support towards the muslims. alhamdulillah... 
Taken from Aunty Salmah Kassim's post:

Assalamualaikum wrt Brothers and Sisters,

Kia ora koutou katoa ...

Today marks another sad day of our lives ini New Zealand. We witnessed burial of 10 more victims of the mass shooting.The earliest being a young boy, 15 years old, Sayyad Milne (Mom from Singapore, Dad a Kiwi) and our own Malaysian young boy of 17 years of age, Haziq Tarmizi.For the very first time in my life, I joined a congregation of 10 solat janazah in one is so painful...Allahu... :(

Nevertheless, the support was overwhelming! 

First, beginning from me crossing the road to get into my car, passing cars stopped from bo…

Tragedy 28 Jan 2019

what is with 28th of the month? this morning on March 3rd, 2019 when i woke up, i realized something scary. i was admitted 'again' to the hospital on 28 Feb 2019, just 1 month after i was admitted at the hospital in Maldives on 28 Jan 2019. yes, twice in 2 months and on the same date? what a coincidence.  how do i start? it happened on the 2nd day of my dive trip, and on the 2nd dive. it was just like any other dives. i wanted to have a separate posting on this incident in maldives. but as the time goes by, i get quite tired of irresponsible people who spread stories about my condition after the incident. 28 Jan 2019: happened on the 3rd day in maldives and 2nd dive for the day. 2nd dive site was at Miyaru Kandu, one of the most famous dive spots close to Alimatha Village in Felidhoo Atoll, Maldives, a great place where you can observe big pelagic fish. In fact “Miyaru” is the Dhihevi name for “shark”, so it is of no surprise that Miyaru Kandu is a great dive spot for catchin…

CO2 Laser Surgery

Fuh dengar macam beriyer kan... surgery gitu. tapi memang ni pun namanya. bendanya tak de la major pun. i wanted to do dah lama sebab i have all these macam extra skin which i thought it is called skin tag? set up the appointment since last year - first date given end of jan 2019 but since i was going for my dive, kena postpone. nasib baik tak buat time tu, kalau buat jugak agaknya scar teruk lah. 
of course la i cannot see how they do it. but what i can say, during the laser, some places i will feel pedih and panas. and i can smell hangit macam benda terbakar. after effect dia, akan rasa pedih kalau kena air masa few hours after the procedure. and tak boleh kena direct sunlight or tak leh pakai compact powder.. make up free for the next 5 days? macam tu la lebih kurang. 
kalau you all nak buat kat private clinics maybe lebih mahal coz someone i know buat she had to pay like RM100 ke RM200 seketul - hehehe 👀 so kira lah if you have berketul2 for yourself. as for me, i went to HKL an…

something is not right

sorry that when you read my posting this time, it is something that is not so nice to read - or maybe not a so called 'happy' thing to read about. i know many years back when i decided to restart my blog, i want to share about all my happiness (only) that is happening around me. if you ask me right now, i would say i am a happy person. there is a lot for me to be grateful for. namely:
my wonderful kids & job - yes i still have a job to pay my bills and put food on the table. i am still breathing and given a chance to be with my loved ones.last but least, God has given me AH although not fully just yet 😍 and gave me the happiness with him right now. thank you sayang for all the love, attention, happiness and care that you have given me for the past few weeks... months.  ok back to my posting's title. oh, before that, yes i know that i owe you the maldives' trip postings, i have 1 draft but i dont know how to continue. too much details to put it. i need so…

i miss blogging

i miss those times when i would rush home and look for time in between to be with you.  you would just listen to all my ramblings and not judge me. i would cry to you when i am so sad and down. i would laugh sharing those funny moments about me and others, with you. i would share all sweet and bitter memories with you - although after that i may not remember what i was sad or happy about 😂 you are never tired to be with me. you don't complain. you are always there for me, although i might have neglected you some time due to my busyness.  thank you.. - you are one of my de-stress channel and i really miss to be with you.

Maldives Here I Come - Ep 03

Jan 28, 2019: kalau tengok kat board tu, its medhufaru dive site. but what i remembered, that morning, kitorang semua dah terasa macam army. bukan apa, kat sana semua nak cepat... kalut jugak kadang kala. time tu kitorang kena turun cepat.. tak leh delay kat atas lepas terjun dari dive boat. apa2 pun DM Lee akan sentiasa tunggu aku. memang best la. 
aku ingat masa tu laju gila kut.. aku bawak camera kejap je sebab camera aku takat 15m je.. and most of the time we dived deeper than that. so memang tak leh pakai la camera aku tu. i will only use it for anything shallower. and plus aku pun pun reti sangat ambik2 gambar ni. setakat sajer nak capture apa2 yang aku boleh and share with my friends and family. masa kitorang turun tu, aku tengok my dive buddies dah macam form bentuk V and we dive memang laju.. dah kalau atas darat ala2 macam berlari. aku tengok memang best.. nak explain secara bertulis pun tak tau macamana tapi rasa macam peluru berpandu punya laju.. and aku pun follow je dari …