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Care and Maintenance - Wetsuits

i was browsing for new BCD when i came across this website. and i want to share this with you and for my own knowledge as well after my aqualung zuma kaput because i didn't take good care of it. i think now i have become a fan of aqualung.

The following Care and Maintenance information is provided for products that do not have a specific owner's manual and is intended as a general guide for basic care and maintenance of your Scuba Equipment.
Wetsuit Care and Maintenance
There are several different types of materials used in wetsuits to achieve specific functions. It is helpful to better understand each of these materials in order to properly care for them. Neoprene - Neoprene is the base material that virtually all wetsuits are made of. Neoprene is a type of rubber foam and is typically laminated with other materials depending on the desired function of the material.Standard Nylon - A standard nylon outer lining is very durable against normal wear and tear. Normal care …

my baby brown

got a call on tuesday evening and joey was at the clinic. asking me on the medical card. yes, being fully employed - this is what i like on the medical benefits. it covers out patient and cashless. he was having fever katanya.. sedangkan when he was at home on monday tu macam ok jer. his answer was, "coz i quit smoking" and that was the happiest moment as his mom. ngeee πŸ˜€ yup.. i am so relieved and grateful to Allah that he decided to quit smoking, and thanks to kaiser too for calming me down last year when i got to know that joey started smoking. one thing about kaiser, he is calmer than me in handling JoeLis.. but i guess more of joey coz somehow lisa chose to get disconnected although i know she will always be his princess.

anyway, i didnt know joey was on MC yesterday. i was really busy offlate at the office.. ni lagi2 bila nak cuti panjang.. time is so envious of me. semua aku nak cekau.. tangan dah macam tangan sotong. i want to get most of the work done so that i ca…

Power Bank & Traveling

do you realize that most of us just follow whatever people say without asking the reasons why. the way i bring up my children, there must be a reason behind every rules. mind you, this can be tricky while they were growing up coz then they keep on asking me 'why' and i must be ready for answers. i chose to be different in bringing up my kids compared to how i was brought up. of course my parents and i are in a different era. we always want to improve ourselves don't we? when i was a kid, i didn't like it when i asked questions and my mom would just shut me off with "just listen, follow and no questions! or, you will know when you are bigger" or "i am your mom just listen to me, or i am your mom and i know better" okay i think this posting has deviated ... hahahah 😁as always... anyway, i am posting this about power bank.

i had this conversation with my gf who is a stewardess. thank you so much Sha, ure a darl.. πŸ‘„ sis tak kisah tanya soalan2 mcm bu…


i was just thinking that this could be another 10 years challenge for me too! lol πŸ˜‚
2009: a new beginning
10 years later
2019: also a new beginning for me

wow.. truly amazed with Allah's plan for His servants. met a few people in my life and 2018 was the fastest year for me as i met a few new people in my journey. who would have thought someone that i eyed and pushed away thinking *how can it be possible?* due to certain urmm differences... gaps, has now become someone special to me. πŸ˜€ despite me having a crush on someone, but in the end, someone else has become a priority.

when he asked the other day, "you noticed me?" and my answer was, "yes i did" just that at that point of time the reality still sinks in.. i am sure they are all young men. but that didn't stop me from watching him while he helped us around the vessel. at that point of time i thought this guy looks so kemas, tegap and smart. urmmm get the hint now? 🀣

we started to be close a month after …


i am writing/typing this while waiting for my bosses to come back to the office for us to update something on our website. so, my exec and i have to wait. i am supposed to be on mc but looks like i am still here at this hour. i am ok to stay cuma takut orang infected by flu. so jangan salahkan sis. and i am feeling chilly sebab badan tengah tak sihat. 
someone contacted me few days ago that quite pissed me off. nak kata marah sangat - tapi sebab in my mind mentality dia dah macam tu, so malas nak layan. not to say that i am marah - it is more of insulted with his dirty thoughts and anggapan to divers. this posting might sound or to be read harsh but i believe, we learn everyday kan. ada je orang2 macam ni. this person i am talking about, i think salah sis jugak sebab giving him the chance to talk that way to me. hmm tak pe lah, nak cakap lebih2, nasi dah jadi bubur. whatever dia nak anggap, itu dia punya pasal. kadang2 orang yang suka menuduh ni sebab dia buat and tak nak rasa guilty…

love him so much

tak terfikir that one day i will be a mom. simply because i was a tomboy during my younger days. time tu memang la tak terfikir nak kawin pun.

but now i am so happy with my 2 wonderful kids. dari diorang kecik sampailah sekarang masing2 dah kat universiti and tak menyusahkan aku as a mom. hmmm macam tak percaya je kan.. cepat betul masa berlalu. aku rindu jugak zaman diorang kanak2.. zaman aku boleh peluk and cium bila2 masa. sekarang aku seronok borak pasal benda2 yg about life dengan diorang.. macam2 lah coz aku dengan anak2 memang open although.. ada lah benda2 yang aku tak suka and i know they wont open up to me about it. yes i know ok πŸ˜‰
anyway aku cuma nak cerita this weekend memang dah arrange activities for joey. he did his pre-test for driving today. kesian dia 1 full day kat imkeda cheras. lembab betul. by the time he got back dah keletihan. sampai tak de mood nak makan sushi dengan aku. akhirnya aku tapau je laksa pahang dari rumah my parents. 
ceritera start just after he…

jom kurus

sis nekad... i have 2 weeks to go.. i just need to lose 4kg.. so last wednesday while i was browsing the ig, i looked at fasha sanda's ig. memang dia dah kurus. tanpa lengah sis pun whatspp the number that she put in her ig and asked for COD. nampak tak betapa gigih nya sis. so, in summary, i started drinking it yesterday. suka la pulak taste dia sebab macam teh tarik - untuk aku yang hantu teh tarik nih. 
i was not hungry, i ate what i wanna eat to fill in my tummy. tak de la craving gila2 nak melantak macam selalu. memang terus potong nafsu nak makan. cuma ada downside.. tak leh la makan sikit sangat pun.. nanti jadi 'the bone'... 😁
nak type what i had semalam macam malas pulak.. you all tengok je la yang sis update kat fitness pal ni eh. but just because i dont eat enough... they wont calculate how much i will lose... adehhh

maldives here i come

the destination that i have always been thinking of since years ago. during the earlier years, i would think, can i afford to go there? but after many years later... when at least i can afford to go there,  next question came up was, whom do i go there with? will someone bring me there for honeymoon? perrghhh.. berangann tahap dewa! but, people say berangan tu free. well, that angan2 did not come fully true though. it comes true just not the whole of to the level of honeymoon lah kan... hik hik hik πŸ˜‚ maybe even better for me at the moment. i will be going there for my diving trip with a group of fun people i knew during the Tenggol trip. 3 jejaka ganteng... hehehehe πŸ˜‚ i think i will have fun over there ngeeeee... πŸ˜‚nampak tak sengih dah sampai ke telinga tu? 
am i scared? well, it is more of nervous. so this weekend while i planned for refresher course for joey, i am taking the opportunity to get comfortable with SA's BCD that i borrow for the trip.. (yeah, mine kaput already).…

are you happy

confession: i have pending postings. time is so jealous of me. mood is running up and down - thanks to pms. 
i am being condemned for being what/who i am - as in for being expressive about my own feelings. perhaps for being happy with people who do not meet their criteria. but do these people matter? what they think of me? and their criteria in my life? i can accept opinions but how you say it seems like it is more of dissatisfaction from your side then trying to make me see what i may not be able to see. 
copy paste from my pending posting: "before u continue reading this posting, let me warn you that at this point of time, i am having this mixed feelings about what i am feeling and what i am trying to express. 
i am not sure if i am angry - coz i did laughed out loud about it. some people like to judge about other people, full stop. they think they know everything about me or how i am feeling just because i can get excited. i am an expressive person. maybe i changed throughout t…

Felicya Angellista - Sandiwara Cinta (Cover Repvblik)

Aku tahu ini semua tak adilAku tahu ini sudah terjadiMau bilang apa aku pun tak sanggupAir mata pun tak lagi mau menetes
Alasannya seringkali ku dengarAlasannya seringkali kau ucapKau dengannya seakan ku tak tahuSandiwara apa yang telah kau lakukan kepadaku
Jujurlah sayang aku tak mengapaBiar semua jelas telah berbedaJika nanti aku yang harus pergiKu terima walau sakit hati
Mungkin ini jalan yang engkau mauMungkin ini jalan yang kau inginkanKau dengannya seakan ku tak tahuSandiwara apa, ceritanya apa, aku tahu
Jujurlah sayang aku tak mengapaBiar semua jelas telah berbedaJika nanti aku yang harus pergiKu terima walau sakit hati
Jujurlah sayang aku tak mengapaBiar semua jelas telah berbedaJika nanti aku yang harus pergiKu terima walau sakit hatiKu terima walau sakit hati
tengah mode sebak... benci aarrr... hahahah πŸ˜‚

beautiful ending of 2018

actually i have a few postings that are due. just that it doesn't go with the mood that i am in right now. AH makes me so happy for the past few days. somehow he got his time off again over the long weekend and he has included me in his schedule, to be with me towards end of his leave. so yeah.. am one of those lucky person, i guess. although am sure i am not the only person in his schedule πŸ˜‹
alhamdulillah sri ayu has got a 1 year contract tenant starting 1st jan 2019. just that i need to take out some of the furniture because tenant do not want them in there. and by AH being around, he is one of the victim to help me out carrying the heavy stuff our of Sri Ayu. sian dia.. tapi ok lah kan.. cuti2 buat ibadah sket.. hehehehπŸ˜… tettt lepas tu boleh la belanja makan... video kat atas tu masa AH tolong2 angkat dari Sri Ayu and bring to a few locations.
and this year kiranya 31 Dec 2018, i celebrated new year at Charmene's Cafe - SatayXpress, Valencia Golf Club. you guys should go…