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tenggol here i come (part 6)

mesti orang ala2 bergelora jiwa nak tau continuation of my tenggol trip kan? ok jom..

we were given the freedom sort of to roam around the maritime ship. it was really exciting that we went from 1 floor to another. we had snacks before that while waiting for others to arrive on the ship. and there he was again most of the time watching and smiling. we had snacks at the same table. mula2 tu dapatlah duduk sebelah dia.. hati pun tiberr bergelora macam ombak laut tu jugak πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ #overbetul! anyway he is the hightlight of the trip kut. πŸ˜‹ #silajanganjeles. i was told to have fun and meet new people, so i guess that is what God has fulfill for me?
anyway as we sail along, i went up to the highest floor. level 4 kut. time ni sis memang dah ala fenin sket πŸ˜‚ adehh tak macho betul. so i just sat there in the open, melayan perasaan. tak de la nak fikir apa pun.. just layann.. then by then i think LS and SA already joined me there. apa lagi kena la SA jadi personal photographer!
sekali tiberr2.. i s…

stay strong

"She was fierce. She was simple. She was crazy and always had something to say. She had flaws, but when she was down she got right back up. She was a beast in her own way but one word described her best…  Strong!" i dont have sadness or regrets in my life anymore coz i have started to believe long time ago that everything that is happening around us has lessons to teach. to be honest i am again being tested by Him right now. and this time may He shows me what is best for me even if that is not what i want? hehhe 😁 i am enjoying every moment of my life. i am grateful with my kids and wonderful friends around me. so yeah.. what else would i ask for?
wait up for the continuation okay.. πŸ˜‹

jungle tracking experience

i am not sure if i wanna call it jungle tracking or hiking. or it can be called both or whatever. what happened was we wanted to do trial discovery scuba for KC but unfortunately due to her having asthma we could not continue. 

so what else can we do to fill up another about 4 hours that we have before sun sets? 
we went back to the room to freshen up, solat and got ready for the jungle tracking.
berangan nak pergi sampai monkey beach but after panuba beach, the 15 mins walking up and down the jungle tracking we decided not to continue. kat dalam hutan tu dengar bunyi macam2 aku dah gerun. at first after the 5 minutes in aku dah nak patah balik but KC feels we can just continue so yeah we did. aku doa sepanjang jalan supaya Allah permudahkan the tracking and alhamdulillah terasa ringan pulak lutut aku ni. thanks to RE too for the tips that he said to follow electric cable πŸ˜‚
as soon as we reach panuba resort, we took some photos and decided to jalan balik. on the way back tu i put on some…

live life to the fullest

"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who do not. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living"
i have been waking up at 4am for a week now and i cannot go back to sleep. could there be something on my mind? or is there something that He wants to tell me? i dont know... but what i know for the past 2 weeks something happened that has added some spark in my life. the question is, do i go along with it or do i walk away...? can i just stay there for a little while?

malaysia coast guard

aku bangga weh bila tengok video ni.. so aku nak share dengan korang semua and from this video we will understand apa tugas2 diorang kat atas kapal tu ok 😎

thank you hadi for sharing this video. tak pe kan i letak sini? kalau tak leh bagitau naaa.. you can whatsapp me lah.

taking a break

if you do not see any updates, that is because i am travelling right now and may be on limited internet connection. i will add more stories once i can be online okay.  meanwhile, take care people and be safe wherever you are!
we both are going on a trip to the beach.. wuuhuuuuπŸ˜›

tenggol here i come (PART 5)

ice breaking session: since my BCD kaput, i had to rent one from the dive centre. sampai2 je kat jetty tu, i went to the store with SA to get a BCD. of course i wish i had my own tapi tak pe lah maybe tak de rezki la tu. nak beli baru pun belum tentu akan dive selalu. 
kitorang semua berkumpul kat tepi and starting to know each other better - so yeah he was there too of course with his usual smile and there is something about him that just attracts me. maybe his quietness and being observant? tapi tak boleh la pandang lama2 sangat pun. sah2 orang punya.. tettt...

macam biasa la kan... posing gambar memang lebih2 lagi2 si LS ni.. hahhaha dia ni memang. tapi bagus jugak la banyak la gambar kitorang yang you all boleh tengok. nanti final part aku share link to the whole album.

jom gerak! so our boat came, and kitorang gang mak jemah pun naik lah boat tu macam bersemangat ni nak naik kapal maritim. ye lah kan ingat senang ke nak dapat the opportunity. dalam boat just kitorang 5 orang je …


i really got to make myself macam ala2 back to the past to write these postings for you. knowing me with selective memories, kira ok la jugak kan. so i am trying to share the best and most that i can with you. why? because i love my readers and truly appreciate you coming back to my blog to read my rambles. yes, you are one of them, sampai ada yang tunggu ada internet signal just to read my blog and next postings. πŸ˜‰tetttt... 
16th September 2018 so, the day finally came. i woke up 530am, got into the shower first before my 2 roomates and performed subuh. doa kow2 punya, Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusan kami pada hari ini, gitew... and the first person i texted was N3 and informed her that she is my emergency contact just in case anything happens. well, hey, you will never know, and want to make sure all my family members know what is going on (try not before the event... or they will bebel to the max kinda? lol πŸ˜…
taking my fav routine intake now, jamu dratu, very early in the morning…

happy 14th birthday marissa

22 September 2018:  this sweet little princess turned 14 on 20th September 2018. i always forget how old she is, or her youngest sister. hehehe πŸ˜€ and this year i thought she is gonna take her SPM exam. every time during birthdays, we will always try to make a surprise but i think because there are so many birthdays, it is kind of expected except the venue of the celebration. LOL πŸ˜‹
N1 did a good job in decorating (or getting people to do it) for any celebrations that she organizes. it was beautifully decorated with stars and moon (as per marissa like it) and marissa loves it! the dress code was blue & white, so i grabbed white top, blue ear rings and wore blue jeans. tadaa!! call it simplicity. and because i am tall enough, i just put on a pair of sandals. 
joey and i arrived just in time during doa reciting. hehhe πŸ˜‹ apa orang kata? fashionably late? okay la tu kan.. food was superb and lots of sinful food to dive into my tummy tum tum.. guilty! but hey its a party kan! i was f…


nak jugak lah cerita kisah malam tadi sikit. ha korang mesti sibuk nak tau gossip pasal someone yang catch my attention tu kan? hehehe πŸ˜€ sabar, sabar. well, last night after all the registration, we were hungry and all the fuss about nasi goreng sotong or something was lingering around. usually i don't eat that late, yes i am trying to cut down my rice intake after 8pm sort of. nanti korang dah berumur macam aku korang tau lah. πŸ˜‹ anyway, aku follow je yang lain. and i tell you the nasi goreng was really sedap BUT, i shared the portion with LS although i know sure minah tu tak cukup makan nasi separuh. hahahah 😜 but hey, we are helping each other right?  and the another interesting thing that happened was, i met YS who is also a dance fitness instructor. she came to my studio 2 years ago during an event. and i saw her posting her dive trips quite often, lepas tu bila jumpa malam tu aku plak lebih2 excited. hehehe 😊ye lah jumpa gang same industry kut, measti mesti la happy. so we…

tenggol here i come (Part 2)

15th Sept 2018: woke up extra early today to prepare breakfast for the boys. aku keluar bilik jer tengok 4 boys bergelimpangan kat ruang tamu depan tv, and i had to go really near to check mana satu joey ni.. hahaha 🀣kang salah cium anak orang pulak! 
paling senang to prepare, buat scramble eggs and rebus sausages, letak sebuku roti and the butter, peanut butter, jam etc on the table for the boys to choose. milo kena buat sendiri la ye nak, nanti sejuk pulak and semut la ni banyak kat rumah - sakit hati betul. 
when everything done, aku pun tarik la bag macam akademi fantasia tersingkir keluar rumah. 🀣 dah puas cium2 mischa.. 
patut janji sampai 10am kat out check point tapi since LS pun jauh lagi so aku pun singgah aeonbig kejap cari barang. end up tak jumpa apa2 pun. and google map telah menyebabkan aku lambat sampai nak dekat 20 minutes or more. ke aku yang tak pandai nak baca/ikut map. 🀣 selepas pusing2 akhiranya akhirnya jumpa jugak rumah KR yang sebenarnya tak susah mana pun …

tenggol here i come (part 1)

14 Sept 2018: i am lucky to have a group of zumba instructor friends. somehow last minute i feel like i should get myself a piece of rash-guard since i thought this could be some official event. and i am glad i did. went round wangsa walk mall and the only one that i like was from ripcurl. i took a picture wearing the orange rash-guard but i bought the black one instead. the orange one makes me look wider.. hehehe πŸ˜‹ apa2 pun style kena ada walaupun dive tak seberapa, okehh.. 
i got home to see 4 boys in my house including my son. semua main game depan tv. hahaha πŸ˜› nasib baik semua pakai senonoh. joey was a bit shocked coz i was still home, he thought i was leaving on friday. tettt... nope.. saturday morning la sayang. saja je tak bagitau friday still home, kalau tak dia balik rumah lambat πŸ˜›tapi helok2 je semua kawan2 dia, alhamdulillah. and may Allah protect him from the bad crowd. 
next was packing my stuff. i tell you, the pre diving expenses were higher than the diving trip itsel…

Breaking Malaysia Book Of Records

Catat rekod Jalur Gemilang terbesarDUNGUN 19 Sept. – Sambutan Hari Malaysia lebih bermakna bagi 40 penyelam skuba apabila sebuah Jalur Gemilang terbesar berjaya dikibarkan di dasar laut di Pulau Tenggol dekat sini dan sekali gus mencatatkan rekod baharu di dalam Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR). Jalur Gemilang berukuran 15.9 meter panjang dan 9 meter menegak itu berjaya dikibarkan pada kedalaman 12 meter serta disahkan secara rasmi sebagai rekod baharu oleh Pengurus Pejabat Malaysia Book of Records Sdn. Bhd, Lee Pooi Leng. Menurut Pooi Leng, proses menurun serta mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang itu berjalan lancar tanpa sebarang masalah dan selesai dilakukan dalam masa tidak sampai satu jam dengan para penyelam begitu teruja merakamkan gambar masing-masing di dasar laut. “Ini satu kejayaan dan pihak kami berbangga dengan semangat ditunjukkan oleh para penyelam skuba yang secara langsung menjadi sejarah sempena sambutan Hari Kebangsaan 2018,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini baru-baru ini. …

dive @ tenggol: 15 Sept - 17 Sept 2018

this time, without thinking too long i just said yes to my colleague when i get to know that he is organizing dive programme during malaysia day. my last dive was in 2016 and it was a working dive trip to pulau mentinggi, i think.. or was it pulau babi besar? and after that i had a studio to run and my classes. my diving was last in my priority list.

1) it is an expensive sport,
2) its tough to look for replacement for my classes - sort of.
so i took the package with 2 dives only since it is the only amount that i am willing to spend on. without knowing, i had to spend more because... my BCD was kaput, needed to send my regulator for service, my dive com kaput.. etc etc.. so yeah.. it is an expensive sports.

i was nervous since i did not do refresher session before this dive. sshhh πŸ‘€ nevertheless i was looking forward for something that i have not done for a really long time. pray for my safety... please.. hahaha :D

more postings coming soon!

what is gout?

i often hear about this. and i know one of my uncles has gout. and today as i was going for my training, i stumble upon my big boss who has gout and was on the way down to his car as he was in pain and will be on medical leave. when i asked him what he had, he said he had 'ikan bilis' aka anchovies, which is common in malaysian food spread. 
as i walked to the training room with WS we were discussing about gout, what may cause it and how to avoid it if we can. so, i decided to google about it so that i know, try to avoid it and share with my readers. i know that in my test, my uric acid sometimes is higher than usual.
this article is copied and pasted from Fast facts on gout Here are some key points about gout. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.
Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream.The symptoms of gout are due to the formation of uric acid crystals in the joint…

humanity is dead

aku tak tau macamana nak cakap. makin lama memang makin ramai orang share video tu caught on the security cctv. aku tak sanggup nak tengok sampai habis. cukup lah dengan cara dia ambik kucing tu and masukkan dalam machine di kedai dobi. sumpah aku tak faham kenapa mesti dia buat macam tu? apa lah salah kucing tu? ia cuma berbaring kut kat kedai dobi tu. and mamat ni boleh pun masukkan duit dalam mesin and pusingkan. ya Allah ya Tuhanku, semoga 2 orang pelaku ni akan mendapat balasan dariMu ya Allah. pilu, sebak, sedih marah semua ada dalam sanubari aku ni and aku pasti bukan aku sorang yangg rasa macam ni!! aarrghhh 
the first time i saw it was from adi putra's twitter.. ingat kan kot kisah lama.. but it seems baru je berlaku and memang sangat sangat sangat kejam!!! 

one two jaga

before i start on my review, aku dah salah faham sebenarnya. all the promo that i saw stated Bront Palarae's name. so i thought that he will be acting in the movie. so, yeah the main reason i went to watch it is because of him. yes he acted but not in the whole movie. he is the producer of the movie and his part was only towards the end. so, in short if my reason is to watch him - memang tak puas di situ. LOL 😁
okay, but, after watching the movie - in my opinion, it is a sad truth that is happening around us. memang kadang2 memeranjatkan and how people will compare the wrongdoing with some other wrongdoing that to them is bigger. the truth is, yang salah tetap salah. perbetulkan for a better generation and i know it is not easy. 
sedih & takut bila fikirkan. but i supposed one two jaga berani to expose this matter to the public. and i heard the film is also being boycott by our police (some)? kawan aku cakap lah...  look, we cannot deny that it is happening. what we can do i…