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the struggle is real

i was still contemplating in bed to get up but i told myself i must jog/run on 31st aug for my last virtual run in aug and my dedication to my best friend. what else can i get for someone who already has everything πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Ž so i decided to give her #bff#medal#5km#virtualrun.

my whole body was already aching after my PT session last Tuesday. so i kinda slept early as my PT's advice πŸ˜‹ after the first 20minutes already felt my left hand and legs kebas πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ i am not a pro runner so kasi chan la kan.. i still continue my baby steps while listening to my duet songs homework given by my cikgu vocal for my next karaoke session.

i target to finish less than 1 hour. passing through #xtremehardcoregym just gave me more semangat to move. to finish 5km i had to make 3 rounds near NZ πŸ˜‚ but hey.. 57mins #postinjury.. ok apa πŸ˜‚ and naik turun bukit.. sakit pungkoq sis.. 
looking forward for my next session 😊😎 #keepmotivated#nevergiveup#keeponmoving#selfimprovements#roadto58kg#zinako#ladyboss#fitmom#…

selamat hari raya aidil adha

missing lisa during aidil adha. but i think just like any other years, aidil adha is simpler. because on the first day, normally after solat, we will have the family breakfast and after that my dad will go to the surau for the korban activity. and this year N1 gave all of us white jubah for us to wear in the morning of aidil adha. but N4 sebab dia malas nak iron baju dia, she wore something different. and that morning we did video call to Lisa who is already in Madison by the time raya haji. 
by lunch time around 12.30noon all of us drove to kota damansara for ginen's clan's family pot luck gathering sambil celebrate one of my aunt's birthday and our cousin's birthday celebration. 

180818 - happy 20th anniversary Charmene & Shem

i don't gather often with my bbgs friends. but when i have got the chance - will not miss it. charmene sent me a formal invitation a week before the function. i knew about it months before i think when she planned about the function. so a week before only i knew the theme. and for me pastel color is quite rare in my wardrobe πŸ˜‹ so i ordered from zalora which they screwed up my order. i had to do last minute shopping on the day itself so, this is what i got lah and it was cheaper than the other brand that i ordered from zalora. 
next was my date.. i didn't think about it too much coz i thought being with my bbgs friends will be enough and i dont need a date. well i did have someone in mind to invite to come with me but since it clashes with his plans for the weekend - cant do much about it lah kan.. but then last minute i started to ask a few of my guy friends to come with me. well if you read this, you know lah kan.. hahaha 😜and no i don't have anyone special in my life …

pendosa ingin ke syurga

i watched this drama after listening to the synopsis from my mom 😁 my mom memang kaki drama. ye lah what else would she be doing at home kan. and when i heard of the actors Rosyam Nor, ibu Fauziah Nawi, i thought i must watch this. so gigih jugak lah tanya pakcik gugel telemovie apa yang ada all these actors/actress. 
last night baru berpeluang nak tengok, memang menyentuh perasaan. i like the jalan cerita tak dragging and straight to the point. to fikir balik memang gross lah kawin dengan ayah kandung sendiri.. and ada anak pulak tuh.. but then again they both didn't know that they have pertalian darah.
the part yang husband/ayah wants to taubat before knowing they are anak & ayah, was so touching. and watching it debar2 jugak.. and part yang dia dapat tau later on, adoyai memang berderai la air mata kan.. mana tak nya... imagine husband yang di sayangi is actually your dad??!! 
so moral of the story: jangan lah sorok the truth lebih2 lagi when it comes to family member. an…

doa saya untuk anda

Read this (what Dr Ilyani posted in her FB page) πŸ‘‡ and she has very good points. Memang zaman sekarang ni banyak sangat benda2 yang berlaku depan mata and kadang2 kita pilih untuk terus berdiam diri. and in my blog, i speak for myself, bukan aku tak ada orang2 yang aku kenal macam ni, golongan LGBT. lagi2 sekarang kat industri yang aku ceburi ni, makin ramai pulak lelaki2 yang tak straight... dah la masing2 muka hensem, aku rasa wasted sangat. diorang ni influence bagus untuk para member dengan cara hidup sihat via fitness tapi part bila tak straight tu, adeh laa.. πŸ˜…memang aku tak setuju and kesal dengan apa benda yang diorang decide dalam hidup diorang. walau apa pun alasan diorang nak kata pun, yang salah tetap salah di sisi agama. aku cuma boleh doa supaya setiap ahli keluarga aku di lindungi oleh Allah swt supaya menjaga diri and dijauhi dengan perkara2 sedemikian and untuk kenalan2 aku tu supaya Allah ubah hati diorang. 
pada orang2 yang aku kenal, korang semua tau dosa pahala k…

cats? depression?

teman ketika sunyi is my mischa. she will be sleeping with me every night cuma kalau dia naughty start gigit tak tentu pasal, i will ask her to sleep at her own place outside my bedroom 😜 but most of the day she will be sleeping with me. dia ni nak manja tapi dia garang jugak, so acaner tu? 
mischa understands human language - so i think she does coz since she was 2 weeks old kut, we always talk to her in human language. hehehe 😁 just that i am worried now that she might gets bored coz most of the time she is home alone. i will be back after work and then i will leave her again to go to the gym. but mischa pandai je bawak diri sendiri. if i cannot find her in the living room, she will be hiding in joey's cupboard. 

bila baca balik the article, tak de la mischa ada symptom semua tu but ada la sikit or maybe sebenarnya biasa je for mischa? and she likes to watch the birds flying over my window. at least i think she enjoys that. and kadang2 dia macam bercakap dengan the birds. hmm…


Movie yang tengah hangat diperkatakan buat masa ni. poster memang dahsyat lah. Lisa was lucky to get the premier show before it got to the cinemas. ahmad idham omar's daughter went to the same high school with lisa, so bertuah lah. hehhe :D walaupun i dont think she appreciates remy ishak. LOL πŸ˜†
i did not want to watch the movie (yet) at first because it has kind of sad ending. i want to watch only happy ending stories. but then again it is not all sad lah. it does have a closure sort of. che tom looks like fazura and eja's combination. she is so beautiful. and othman punya acting tak payah cakap lah, he is a pro and memang sempoi. 
i felt so sayu with othman and lum's friendship through out their journey. and lum yang at first i thought he doesnt look like a nice guy but actually he is. tapi best la the movie, i dont know how to call it but the picture, sound and the flow of the movie best. kalau part suspense and scary tu memang betul lah. cuma satu part je, part kapal…

counting calories

adjusting period is always the challenging one. when i managed to reach 60kg for my weight now, i have to be back on track. my lil toe feels better but just that i still cannot wear working shoes, not even a simple comfy loafer coz it still presses on my lil toe. havent been swimming for the past 2 weekends because i dont want to get my hair wet.. LOL πŸ˜„ right now i get headache that feels like migraine quite frequent. so i drink more and more water. this morning i had to take panadol. 
anyway talking about counting calories, i am sharing this link with you because i think you could wanna know the info as well based on malaysians' usual breakfast pattern or fav menu. i had my own struggle. this morning i plan to have light breakfast i.e roti bakar & half boiled eggs. kaiser told me to try the Moringa Protein Shake.. finally i tried this morning and it tastes good just that, i am not a fan of shake, unless added with milk. so by after 1 hour later i am hungry again. i was cont…

happy birthday to us

this posting has been due... yeah i know it is august now. what is important, i am sharing my happiness with my readers **muah** this year we celebrate our birthday after raya. so no open house cum birthday celebration. the only open house that we had was for joey's friends. not bad jugak. i had fun. ehh lari topic pulak.. sorry.. sis memang selalu terbabas cenggini sebab banyak nak cerita sebenarnya kan. πŸ˜‹
for my birthday, masa mula2 tu bebel jugak lah coz changed the place for makan like twice. first we were supposed to have dinner in bangsar, so i stayed back at work and decided to push off from work. so, pakai baju kerja la kan. then changed the venue to restaurant b.. then tutup pulak.. end up we had my birthday dinner at this mexican restaurant near jalan ampang. maybe 1 day i will do a review. it was a different celebration this time and kelakar lah.. and best.. hahaha loved it.. thank you so much fam! and love my birthday presents this year.. handbags from lisa and N1 an…

Ladies, Let's Work Out!

I am taking this opportunity to inform you ladies out there that AKO Fitness, runs its permanent ZUMBA classes at XTreme Hardcore Gym, Wangsa Melawati exclusively for ladies only and taught only by a lady licensed instructors. We care about your privacy and comfort while working out hence the space will be closed and only for ladies only.

Where to find us? The address is No.8-2 Lorong Dataran, Dataran Wangsa, Wangsa Melawati 53300 KL located above Chef Zubir or Wangsa Grill Restaurant.