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by - July 10, 2018

someone asked me if i know what is the meaning of this word. so guys/gals, if you wanna know, you can google it and i am sure ya gonna get the answer. but as for myself, i first knew the answer from my son ๐Ÿ˜
so yeah this is what i am feeling about someone i know. everything that he does is about himself. he will only find someone who can help him when he needs help and just ignore others [or in this case i feel it is me] when he is fulfilled. all he knows and proud of is just himself. although i tried to let this go but somehow it is still burning in me. something that i did for him that was sincere during those times has began to be uurggghh for me and i keep on reminding myself that is it is ok.. but the actual fact is that i am NOT OK. i dont know why though that i need to be upset about this. he shouldn't matter to me that much...or even at all! uurgghh hate this feeling!!

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