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Do you like FREE STUFF?

Come over to the Lake Garden aka Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur this Sunday 29 July 2018 at 8am for the Launch of ZIJA Fit Club Malaysia. Do come on time so that you will not miss any information. There will be free goodies, free workout, free tips on how to lose weight and eat healthy by certified Trainers. Please bring your YOGA mat with you. Come and bring your friends and family. Do not waste the opportunity to be in the new Fit Club in Malaysia. 

scorefit day run 2018 | 22 July 2018

in 2017 when i started doing my 5km fun runs, i told myself that in 2018 i want to join score run. but then again, we can only plan but Allah knows better. so in short, i did not run this year due to my injury and somehow lisa's friend sort of offered to run since i have paid. of course i want the medal, but since i did not run, keeping the medal doesn't bring any value to me. so, i get the tshirt and harith gets the medal. kira ok la tu. lisa and i went anyway to support harith and, not forgetting my running buddy ms puliz who also had to run without me. sob sob sob... and yang tak best.. i didn't know KJ was there!! huwaa... 😭

for my readers' info, this is throwback write up. to be honest i keep on looking back at all these photos and memang rasa tak puas hati sebab tak dapat lari but.. ye lah daripada injured lebih lama, baik duk diam2 rehatkan kaki ni. haisshh

Check out our photos here:  SCORERUN2018

not today satan!

i found this yesterday.. well we are no angels. so memang kadang2 terasa nak buat jahat.. astaghfirullahaliazim.. cepat2 istighfar.. kalau dah terbuat tu cepat2 mintak ampun dengan Allah swt and dgn org yang awak buat aniaya tu. so anyway yeah i had that thought lepas tu terjumpa gambar ni and i stopped my thoughts. in a way powerful jugak la kan. coz kejahatan tu datang dari syaiton kan 😅 so yeah.. 
not today satan! 
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makan gaji

ya Allah bersyukur nya rasa bila masuk 25 hb bulan ni. ya Allah terasa sangat bulan raya ni. and memang salah aku pun berbelanja sampai tak hengat. aku pun tak tau whats wrong raya tahun ni. kunun try nak berjimat on this area tapi spent on another area. i know where my mistake was but now too late la kan nak kena recover balik and be on track. with the current injury doesnt help me coz added to my medical bills yang terpaksa tanggung sendiri sebab insurance dah burst. i wish ada insurance yang cover outpatient macamana company tanggung. and i really hope recover cepat... nak cepat macamana pun dalam pertengahan august jugak. i think i will feel much better lepas another xray for my lil toe nak tengok bahagian fractured tu dah ok ke belum. buat masa ni masih ada rasa sakit bila pakai kasut bertutup.. hence aku masih pakai sandal pergi office. tak nak paksa sangat nanti lagi lambat baik. 
untungnya makan gaji, at least bila sampai tarikh gaji... duit pun masuk. first time kut after so…

Sri Ayu Apartment for rent

as i was browsing through my old postings, i came across a post about my apartment being renovated. when i bought over the apartment from my mom, it was already being rented out. means i already had a tenant. i have not been in the apartment since i bought it and i dont see my tenant often. to cut story short, she wanted to end the contract earlier and i am ok with it. when she left i get to check the whole house and i saw lots of things to be repaired. from a rm5k budget has become rm15k a total. itu pun i have not done the doors for the kitchen cabinet coz tak cukup budget.

so here's to my apartment's new look!

yes its basic but cosy and i am okay to rent it out for long term but i will have to be choosy since i had not so nice experience from my previous tenant. for long term, i would prefer professionals with no small kids. the apartment is furnished, just that for now no heavy cooking allowed as there is no stove provided. but if the tenant wishes to get their own stove, …

stay tuned

hang in there dear readers... i want to share with you about the wonderful things that is happening through out the weekend but i am so extremely busy right now.. just to give you an idea.. i wanna write about:
my birthday celebrationscore run 2018 - which i did not run due to my injury 😛my visit to my friend's house in tapah so yeahh... will be right back okay... and i hope soon enough - coz tengah semangat nak bercerita nih


when i first saw this challenge, it was from what is that guy's name? izani something.. sorry la sis tak berapa kenal artis2 baru sekarang ni. hehehe :D and my thought was, ni dah kenapa pi keluar kereta pastu menari macam tu.. kan ke bahaya..  then after that baru lah i stumbled upon a few other instagram account who did the same and when i saw the # then i realized, it is a challenge rupanya.

haha kinda cute looking at these people doing the challenge. mecam terdetik jugak nak buat the challenge but with the current condition.. hemmm memang tak lah kut 😛 but i must tell you, the ig belongs to Siti Sarah is my fav for #kekechallenge, korang must see!! and effortless cute!

Best KekeChallenge

it gives me comfort knowing that you’d miss me too it breaks me to leave but I could never stay knowing that I was never going to be your first priority.

source: twitter #poemsporn #internet

Allah kan ada

as a normal human being we tend to forget, tak payah nak risau2 sangat about whatever that is happening around us coz hidup kita Allah yang susun. He knows that we can handle certain things in our life walaupun kita rasa kita macam tak mampu. insyaAllah kita boleh... Allah ada..

yeah i was one of the category... skrg ni tgh kerap dpt anxiety attack.. dok fikir, nnt lisa dah balik US and joey kat Uni, kalau i tak sihat siapa nak jaga i... and i end up stressed and berdebar2..

Best baca ni... Walaupun copy paste jer....

Dalam dunia ni, semua benda bergerak dalam zon masa masing2.

Ada yg masih single...-
Ada yg nikah 20 ribu belanja, sebulan dah berpisah..
Ada yg dah nikah 10 tahun tapi masih belum ada anak.
Ada yg baru nikah bulan lepas, hari ni dah mengandung.

Ada yg grad umur 23 tapi terpaksa tunggu 5 tahun sebelum dapat kerja tetap.
Ada juga yg grad umur 29 tapi lepas grad terus dapat kerja jawatan tetap.

Ada yg muda lagi umur 25 jadi CEO tapi umur 50 dah meninggal.
Ada juga yg umur 5…

my long medical leave

i think this is the longest medical leave that i am taking from my zumba activities. fasting month was the usual month that i dont teach in class. this year i decided to get my knees treated and which i injected the gel to refill the reduction of fluid in my knees (this is layman's term ok, medically it may read different). so anyway, these past 2 months has also been a challenging months for me. knees are different issue. 
i had an accident in the hotel room during my holidays with kalams clan. i accidentally hit my lil toe as i walked in from the balcony. and when that happened the immediate reaction to my lil toe was swollen and i cant even wear shoes. 
i had that injury for the past 2 weeks when eventually i went to the hospital and got an x-ray. Result: hairline fracture... patut la tak baik2... retak rupanya. and this is coming to the 4th week of the month that i did not teach. memang la rasa lemau and sendu tapi nak buat camana. 
and this sunday 22 july 2018 ada SCORE Run.…


someone asked me if i know what is the meaning of this word. so guys/gals, if you wanna know, you can google it and i am sure ya gonna get the answer. but as for myself, i first knew the answer from my son 😁 so yeah this is what i am feeling about someone i know. everything that he does is about himself. he will only find someone who can help him when he needs help and just ignore others [or in this case i feel it is me] when he is fulfilled. all he knows and proud of is just himself. although i tried to let this go but somehow it is still burning in me. something that i did for him that was sincere during those times has began to be uurggghh for me and i keep on reminding myself that is it is ok.. but the actual fact is that i am NOT OK. i dont know why though that i need to be upset about this. he shouldn't matter to me that much...or even at all! uurgghh hate this feeling!!

Joey's New Adventure

Joey ni memang suka nak tukar2 apa yang dia nak buat. So most of the time, yang mana aku boleh layan, aku layan kan as long as it is good for him. Cuma kadang2 sebelum dia tukar fikiran tu, aku bebel jugak lah supaya dia fikir balik and confirm apa yang dia nak buat dalam hidup dia. 
Same goes masa dia nak pilih aliran apa untuk masuk Form 4 dia nak buat sports science, aku ok je.. aku suka gak dia buat sports science, macam kena dengan character dia. so anyway, semalam was his registration day for Foundation programme. for 1 year. mula2 aku pening jugak system selepas high school ni. skrg dah boleh faham la sket2.. hahhaa :D 
joey dapat masuk uitm rembau for dip business studies but bila dah dapat dia tak nak pergi pulak. now dia nak buat psychology. so aku dgn dia scout around la kat mana2 yang ada offer that programme yang affordable. dengan syarat, tak payah nak gatal2 ada gf skrg, focus on his studies to be able to dapatkan scholarship. aku risau je kalau daddy dia tarik diri da…