Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sri Ayu Apartment for rent

as i was browsing through my old postings, i came across a post about my apartment being renovated. when i bought over the apartment from my mom, it was already being rented out. means i already had a tenant. i have not been in the apartment since i bought it and i dont see my tenant often. to cut story short, she wanted to end the contract earlier and i am ok with it. when she left i get to check the whole house and i saw lots of things to be repaired. from a rm5k budget has become rm15k a total. itu pun i have not done the doors for the kitchen cabinet coz tak cukup budget.

so here's to my apartment's new look!

yes its basic but cosy and i am okay to rent it out for long term but i will have to be choosy since i had not so nice experience from my previous tenant. for long term, i would prefer professionals with no small kids. the apartment is furnished, just that for now no heavy cooking allowed as there is no stove provided. but if the tenant wishes to get their own stove, cooking can be done outside at the wet kitchen.