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pervert alert - putra lrt

by - June 22, 2018

when i had my own experience, i would come to a conclusion, it is not what women wear, it is the men who are pervert! before i posted this, i wanted to look for image from the internet just to give my readers idea on what happened. but there was nothing that i can find to illustrate. so anyway, this was what happened. 

it was in the afternoon and i had my dentist appointment and i decided to take the lrt. i was wearing a pair of baju kurung. i got a seat after 2 stations. and the seat on my left was empty. soon after an arab guy wearing sports attire (bermuda shorts and tshirt i think) sat beside me, with knapsack on his lap. at first i didn't notice anything weird. he was busy fidgeting and i can hear his music so loud although he had his earphones on. 

after awhile, i felt like something like scratching..on my left outer thigh? for your info my tindak balas reflex is always slow ๐Ÿ˜œ so thats why sometimes my son calls me lampi? ๐Ÿ™„ anyway back to that pervert. when i felt something was not right, i take a look on his right hand and somehow i couldn't see it because it was underneath his knapsack. so i thought maybe he was just moving his hand from the earlier position. **bersangka baik** BUT then i felt it again and i become uncomfortable, i moved slightly to the right and his hand was still there! and at that point of time, he tried to make a conversation asking me where to stop if he wants to go to Intermark! and aku ni baik hati lah kan, i told him next station would be Ampang Park, which was just a station away. 

i only realized he did it on purpose coz when he got out, he actually waited outside the door and looked at me and wanted to see my reaction? i pretended i did not see him looking at me. at that point of time, only i regretted, why didnt i slap him? or why didnt i step on his foot or something?

so, my advice to all of you... when you are in the lrt, please be alert on who sits beside you. if anyone try to be funny, just shout or slap him!

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