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pervert alert - putra lrt

when i had my own experience, i would come to a conclusion, it is not what women wear, it is the men who are pervert! before i posted this, i wanted to look for image from the internet just to give my readers idea on what happened. but there was nothing that i can find to illustrate. so anyway, this was what happened. 
it was in the afternoon and i had my dentist appointment and i decided to take the lrt. i was wearing a pair of baju kurung. i got a seat after 2 stations. and the seat on my left was empty. soon after an arab guy wearing sports attire (bermuda shorts and tshirt i think) sat beside me, with knapsack on his lap. at first i didn't notice anything weird. he was busy fidgeting and i can hear his music so loud although he had his earphones on. 
after awhile, i felt like something like scratching..on my left outer thigh? for your info my tindak balas reflex is always slow 😜 so thats why sometimes my son calls me lampi? 🙄 anyway back to that pervert. when i felt somethi…

Meat Point Dataran Jelatek

lisa invited me to meat point for iftar on the last week of ramadhan. i have been seeing the signboard everytime i pass through jalan jelatek on the way back from work. but tak pernah terfikir to eat there coz i dont really know how to order steak? 😋 so when lisa asked me, i just agreed. apparently lisa has been to the ttdi branch and she likes it. we decided to break fast at home first and go to meat point after maghrib prayer. it is more relaxing for us. we arrived at about 830pm. the place was almost empty. there was only 1 family finishing their food. 
when i looked at the menu, i was blank 😜 not sure what i wanted to eat and the waiter came, he said we can go to the chiller and choose our own steak... erkkk lagi lah aku blur.. how would i know which one is sedap? but i ended up choosing the cheapest steak, rm42/ piece.  date of visit: June 2018location: Meat Point, Dataran Jelatek 54200 Kuala Lumpurplace & decor: simple and nice looks cosy for lepakking with friends and fan…

my last minute shopping

at first tahun ni aku plan nak pakai baju2 yang buat masa N4 punya wedding. tapi malangnya baju yang aku suka tu ala2 sendat gitu 😋 so tak boleh la nak pakai and pergi beraya makan ketupat lemang dan sebagainya kan. mau habis rabak baju kebaya lace yang aku tempah jauh2 kat Bandung tuh. so first raya punya baju aku pakai baju kebaya yang aku beli online sebab aku suka sangat design shanell harun. tapi bila aku browse ig dia, rasa macam tak mampu nak pakai or beli baju semahal itu. tapi ada satu hari tu, online seller buat preorder for the baju kebaya which i automatically fell in love with. it was not the only one that i fell in love with but aku kena la pilih 1 sahaja sebab aku predict kalau lisa tengok entah2 dia nak jugak. and walaaa... seperti tekaan aku... tepat! lisa nak jugak 😅so aku beli lah jugak 2 pasang cuma agak terduduk jugak lah sebab dah lama tak spend duit banyak macam ni for sepasang baju.  and lepas tu somehow aku terasa nak shopping lagi kat primavalet yang baru …

Selamat Hari Raya Cinta

alhamdulillah we meet again in 2018 for hari raya. we lost our mak long this year, and terasa jugak lah especially her house was a must during our raya tour. and this year jugak our family gets to celebrate with a new menantu, N4's hubby. they got married in march this year. kaiser came with flu and somehow cepat betul aku menjangkit flu dari dia. bukan flu je yang aku dapat, siap sore throat & batuk sekali. but raya ke2 we still went for our tour balik kampong kuala selangor and 3rd raya ke rumah our relatives area KL & Sgor. 
4th raya i am already back at work. dengan flu yang makin teruk memang agak pening kepala lah. tapi macam tak sampai hati nak biar anak2 buah sendiri. 
macam tak de mood nak tulis panjang2 sebab hidung sumbat.

this year first time yang aku rasa betul2 beraya tanpa fikir sesiapa special...tetttttt... walaupun di bulan ramadhan aku ada lah visit family dia and share some food and a day before raya bagi present kek victoria sandwich to his family. mun…

last day of ramadhan

Doa Akhir Ramadan

Ya Allah, jangan Kau biarkan Ramadhan pergi tanpa meninggalkan kesan keinsafan di hati2 kami.

Ya Allah, jangan biarkan Ramadhan pergi tanpa membawa himpunan amal dan doa kami.

Ya Allah, jangan biarkan Ramadhan pergi tanpa islah dan kebaikan terhadap keperibadian kami.

Ya Allah, jangan biarkan Ramadhan pergi tanpa keampunan dosa2 kami.

Ya Allah, jangan biarkan Ramadhan pergi tanpa meninggalkan jejak2 ke syurga untuk kami.

Ya Allah, janganlah Kau biarkan Ramadhan pergi sebelum Kau tutup rapat pintu azab dan neraka Mu daripada tergelinciran kaki kami.

Ya Allah, lindungilah kami dari melakukan dosa dan kemaksiatan semasa dalam Ramadhan maupun selepas Ramadhan.

Ya Allah, sebelum mentari akhir Ramadhan berlalu pergi, Kau ampunilah kami dan Kau terimalah taubat kami.

Ya Allah, Kau sempatkanlah kami bertemu lagi dengan Ramadhan Al Mubarak yang akan datang.

Ya Allah, lindungilah semua anggota keluarga kami dari tipu daya dan fitnah dunia. Selamatkan setiap seorang dari kami d…

Knee Maintenance

the last time that i had that injection on my right knee was in 2016 i think. and this time i thought it is time again for the treatment. right now i am getting sleepy to blog.. but i wanna update something :p so i will be pasting some write up to perhaps explain what happened.  Runner's Knee (click here to a link)Patellofemoral syndrome is the term for pain at the front of your kneecap. It's common in people who play sports. That's why it's often called "runner's knee" or "jumper's knee." It can be brought on by using your knees too much, for instance with intense exercise like jogging, squatting, or climbing stairs. But it can happen to people who don't play sports, too. Your kneecap, also called patella, can get out of line and not move the way it should in the groove on top of your thighbone. This wears away the cartilage -- a slippery substance that helps your bones move smoothly against each other -- and causes pain. You may feel a du…