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Dependency only to/on Allah swt

by - May 24, 2018

reading this on twitter makes me want to say/write this. by understanding this, it makes us more calmer as a person, and not worry about little things or even big things that happen through our life - this journey. but i was thinking if we are too relax or too calmer, it doesn't makes us human. and our life will be monotonous, no excitement. i am not saying that we shouldn't believe on the above, BUT what i am saying is, by knowing the above, whenever we feel sad, anxious or even happy, DO KNOW that all those feelings IF it is about other thing/person other than Allah swt, they are temporary. and... by saying these, we can/should enjoy the moment while we have it/them but at the same time, be prepared if Allah swt takes it away from us. ๐Ÿ˜Œ 

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