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by - April 12, 2018

we often hear that our heart belongs to us hence we shall decide whatever, for the best of our heart - to take care of the only heart that was once, or maybe twice, or maybe more, broken. honestly i don't know where is this posting heading. as i am typing this, i can feel this pricking pain on my left chest. nor do i know if this is related to my posting today. anyway, i am listening to 'the best of sade' while typing this for you. i have been delaying my posting. and my usual excuse would be i have too many different things to share but it is all jumbled up?

M2J: i miss him dearly but i keep on telling my heart that he is not for me? i should have looked at myself in the mirror and tell myself, 'who am i kidding?' but perhaps slowly i am beginning to accept my fate. though currently, i just don't feel the same towards others like the way that i feel for him - just yet. maybe Allah swt has not open up other doors for me? so, i shall leave it all up to Him.. 

JoeLis: this really long and quiet 2 weeks without my joelis. lisa was back in madison just a day after the wedding ceremony ended. and joey is with his dad for a 2 weeks holiday in japan. "ma, 10 days only" and i said, "well thats 2 weeks! 😋" so it is just me and mischa at home. when lisa is back at her uni, she starts to be busy with her classes and work and perhaps some other things. looking forward for joey's return this weekend.

NaffDee Wedding Party: owh this is really a throwback. N4 had a wedding party which was actually for Zaidee's office friends and of course N4's close friends. I get myself invited coz i was going to be alone at home anyway. N4 looks simply lawa that night and sempoi with her hubs. 

and that night i was lucky that RE was free secara paksa rela.. hahha to accompany me. thank you so much RE. i think we have been friends for a few years now and although we don't see each other often, ada je yang we can talk about. and with his work background similar as mine, we clicked. tak payah cakap pasal personal background lah.. sort of lebih kurang kut. anyway, it is really good to see you again RE. 

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