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Ruth Sahanaya Live Concert 2018

by - March 22, 2018

when i saw the promo it was already last Monday, 19 March 2018. i asked N1 if she has discounted tickets since she is working in Petronas. but she said she has already used up her quota for her kids and our parents. so i browsed through the official website to purchase the tickets. i hope not to miss this as Ruth Sahanaya is one of my favorite Indonesian singer. bercita2 untuk beli jugak tickets yang rm300 below. but... sedih coz its all sold out!!

how did i go? hehehe :D my dad didnt want to go and i was lucky enough to replace his seat :D alhamdulillah and thanks to N1 lah.. sebab belanja... wuuhuuu

the first half of the concert tak rasa pun. tau2 dah 1 hour. and during the 2nd set, RS invited us to stand up and dance... apa lagi... hoyehhh lah... heheheh :D pucuk di cita ulam mendatang... we dance and we sang together. meremang bulu roma.. and as i sang along sampai menitis air mata.. damn i just love her!!

happy birthday Ma 

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