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Ruth Sahanaya Live Concert 2018

when i saw the promo it was already last Monday, 19 March 2018. i asked N1 if she has discounted tickets since she is working in Petronas. but she said she has already used up her quota for her kids and our parents. so i browsed through the official website to purchase the tickets. i hope not to miss this as Ruth Sahanaya is one of my favorite Indonesian singer. bercita2 untuk beli jugak tickets yang rm300 below. but... sedih coz its all sold out!!
how did i go? hehehe :D my dad didnt want to go and i was lucky enough to replace his seat :D alhamdulillah and thanks to N1 lah.. sebab belanja... wuuhuuu
the first half of the concert tak rasa pun. tau2 dah 1 hour. and during the 2nd set, RS invited us to stand up and dance... apa lagi... hoyehhh lah... heheheh :D pucuk di cita ulam mendatang... we dance and we sang together. meremang bulu roma.. and as i sang along sampai menitis air mata.. damn i just love her!!

PDRM Night Run 2018 | 17 March 2018

when i saw the advertisement/promotion about this run weeks or months before the event date, i got excited and nervous at the same time. i was excited because, like i mentioned in my postings somewhere, i wanted to be in the police squad last time when i was much younger of course. hahaha 😃 i was also in the police cadet when i was in high school. but anyway, to cut short, one of my dream did not come true. 
one of us already registered coz she is in the police force. so left the two of us. somehow i requested ZZ to register but because of the delay, i missed the 5km registration... so i thought, ok lah, i will just register for 10km on my own but.. luck was not on my side! 10km registration was full as well.. so what choice do i have? i want the medal so much! hahhaha 😂 so, that is how i registered for the 21km run but, i planned to run for only 5km. heheheh 😀
so that night i ran only 5km only and i did received the 5km medal, but because i still wantedto the finisher tshirt for …

are you ready?

as of today, my place is 70% ready to receive guests. but i am so gatal to announce it here. providing the basics for the house, hope it will get better. and there is promotion for those first few who book the house.
and when the bedrooms are ready, i will share it with you okay 😅

body maintenance

its not easy to maintain certain weight especially as you aged. but at the end of the day it is what you want and for the right reasons. this may not apply to everyone. and why? as simple as, every one's reasons are different... and those reasons make the person work hard if it is strong enough. i need to maintain as i am selling myself in the kind of business i am in - which is fitness industry.

i struggle, like you too. i love to eat but.. my body's system is not as kind as before 😂😂 i have to work extra hard especially on giving up certain food at certain time of the days. actually what i wanted to say tonight is just that i was hungry but i cannot take carbs especially late night. so i made scramble eggs  😃 thats all.. goodnite 😎

KL Urban World Run - 7 Feb 2018

this is major throwback ok. my 2nd run for the year. i think this year i wanna try this, 1 run per month if there is any interesting run and nice medals.. hahhaha :D looks like my dive trips will be on hold for a while. it is cheaper to run then to dive. now that Joey is also a diver, dive trips for me is gonna be X2. so, ermm looking at my financial status for entertainment, it is too costly to dive.

this time i was more relaxed. maybe because i kind of know the route. more or less like the 1st run i did in january, just that its the other way round. so something like menyongsang arah la. as usual, we started together and we meet each other at the finishing line.

the best part at this run was i get to meet my PT after the run. i was not well the week before the run. i almost cancelled running but i decided.. i want the medal. so, yeah.. i did it.. just that... apparently it was not even 5km in total. it was about 4.1km only. hehehe :D but ok lah.. end up, i had to go on MC for anoth…

monday blues ke?

i dont believe in monday blues. kalau nak rasa bosan tu any days pun boleh. and tak semestinya monday. kalau takat ko pergi kerja rasa moody on monday je, baik ko berenti kerja. coz berapa lama and berapa monday ko nak rasa monday blues. to be honest memang la hati aku dah tak de kat tempat aku kerja ni, tapi sebab i need the money to survive aku kerja je lah. 
anyway, wedding N4 dah dekat sangat. aku harap la M2J dapat datang cuma aku tak rasa dia akan datang sebab dia kerja hari sabtu. that will also show how important this event or even me in his life la kan. apa2 pun, aku nak harap lebih2 pun, aku dengan dia kawan je walaupun apa yang aku rasa lebih dari tu. hhha 😁 syahdu je bunyi nya kan.. tapi nak buat camna. itu la hakikatnya. semalam petang kitorang gi meeting kat glamhall, tempat wedding tu nanti. so dah terasa la bahang kehangatan. hehehe 😀 aku lak yang excited.. ehh.. 😋 nak tulis lagi tapi tiba2 mood tu hilang.

cant stop thinking of you

something that he wrote in one of his messages makes me realize that i should just back out. perhaps i should have done this earlier. not that i have not tried. i tried but it is tough. maybe i need another powerful distraction?  how can someone has this much affect on someone else. pelik kan? i don't even know what this is called? even when i watch the drama series now, i sort of relate it to me.. my situation. tapi setakat angan2 lah kan. angan2 tak salah if it can make you smile and happy walaupun temporary. hik hik hik 🙊
so here goes: him: sayang, kenapa perlu sorok kalau rasa sayang? her: ** trapped in silence** mana abang tau? him: bagi abang pengakuan sayang sudah cukup untuk abang.  her: hhuurmm...  him: sudah lah... kita mulakan hidup baru... abang janji abang tak kan lagi buat perangai pelik2, abang tak kan marah2
and the story goes.... that makes me think of him. memang pun dia pelik tapi offlate, dulu aku tak rasa pun dia pelik. he is different but there is something about hi…

Thurs Blab

intro: sekarang ni aku senang distracted. bila ada banyak perkara yang aku perlu buat memang macam ni. aku rasa aku kena tulis satu2 baru aku disiplin sikit kut. tapi sekarang ni aku nak blog. tak kira. nak jugak.
rindu: nak cakap pasal rindu ni sampai dah berbuih dah kut mulut aku. tapi tak pe lah, memang tak boleh buat apa pun. so layan je la perasaan tu sementara ada. sementara aku belum rasa tepu atau sebelum perasaan tu mungkin akan hilang suatu hari nanti. tapi kan dalam pada aku menahan rindu.. eh dah macam tajuk lagu pulak.. Allah ada je tolong aku. so untuk pendekkan posting aku sket, malam tadi aku dapat la peluang diri depan dia and tengok muka dia puas2. errmmm walaupun tak puas mana pun.
my hideout: aku rasa lambat benor nak habis renovationnya. bukan apa sebab as i mentioned in my previous posting, ada je perkara kecik2 yang kena top up nak repair. so hopefully by this weekend habis lah. barang2 dah hantar. cuma tinggal touch up sikit2 and bersihkan rumah. 
okay sekarang …