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7 Strategi Saya Bebas Dari Hutang!

aku penat sebenarnya... penat mengsettlekan hutang2 yang datang secara tiba2. haaa.. macam pelik kan bunyi dia. tapi memang macam ni. aku rasa aku dah strategize habis dah.. bila nak rasa lega sikit, tiba2 datang pulak hal lain.

haritu aku dah settle hutang cr card aku. then somehow sekarang hutang indah water.. penat sebab aku beli rumah atas orang.. and seller aku is my mom yang beli atas orang and for all i know, dia pun tak tau ada hutang tertunggak dengan indah water. so sekarang tiba2 datang surat lawyer kat aku! walaupun nama bukan nama aku, tapi alamatnya rumah aku sekarang. takkan aku tak bayar pulak kan. aku tak suka ada hutang2 macam ni. tapi masalah nya bukan ratus.. tapi ribu!! masak gak lah.

so hari ni aku pun google... niat sebenar nak baca2 lah kenapa aku ni sekarang extra dugaan Allah bagi. yang mana hal anak aku lagi.. hal rumah lagi.. hal boypren lagi... oppss salah salah.. aku tak de boypren lah! heheheheh :D anyways, aku terjumpa article kat bawah ni. korang baca…

Everyone's rizq is fixed

Got this from one of my whatsapp group, lets read and understand. J Happy Tuesday.
A brother moved to Makkah many years ago. He was a high flying manager of major departmental stores in U.K., Malaysia and China. He had been brought in by Bin Dawood stores as a regional manager for the Makkah region. He was from England.
After living and working in Saudi for some time, he later narrated how he found it so strange, unique and uplifting in how business was done in Saudi. Here were the examples he gave:
1. In Makkah, next to a major Bin Dawood superstore a rival new company were entering the kingdom and decided to open a mega store right next to Bin Dawood, within metres. The brother was perturbed/disturbed, "Why can't they open just somewhere else." The owners of Bin Dawood frowned on his outlook. They ordered him to send his workers to the other store being setup and offer them tea and food and any help they needed to setup! The brother was left astounded/shoc…

TQ IVetPetCare

we would like to thank the team of vets and general care at IVet Pet Care at jalan jelatek for taking care of minnie through out her stay at the clinic. hanya Allah yang dapat membalas jasa kalian. 

i miss you minnie :"(

minnie i miss you. i went to the vet yesterday. yesterday the vet called me up to ask about minnie. and i told her that minnie did not make it. i wanted to tell them earlier but i would rather go there and tell them personally. even talking about what happened makes me cry again.

yesterday i was at the vet in the evening. but you are not there anymore minnie. it feels weird coz i am so used to holding you everyday at the vet. i can still see you moving around. i had dreams about you and when i woke up, i cried again. you are such a sweet lil kitty and a strong one. i am so sorry that you had to go through all that sweety.

mischa accompanied me closely since you were gone. it is as though she knows that i was very sad. rest well minnie.. you are at a better place... i love you so much.

last night mummy min gave you this. so i will put it at where you are rested ok minnie... **and my tears came pouring down again**

Minnie: Aug 2017 - 19 Feb 2018

19 Feb 2018
6.50pm: I arrived IVetPetCare to visit Minnie. Dr Atiqah brought her out of her cage, wrapped her in a blanket. I took Minnie from her arm and hugged her just like a baby. She was weak but she was able to open her eyes wide. I get to play and talk to her for about 20 minutes. Then i noticed her paws and ears are cold. I just had this uneasy feeling immediately. I called out to the Vet. One of the Vet took her temp... it was really a sad moment. And when the Vet said, "hope the thermometer can still reads her temp, or..." and at that time, I just need to accept that perhaps for Minnie, this is enough for her to endure the pain and the severe injuries.
Dr Atiqah advised to bring Minnie home, and just be prepared if she could not make it. When i asked her how much time Minnie has, she said, "At most tomorrow morning. If she survives, please bring her back for us to do her dressing for her wound". And i just nodded and just couldn't stop my tears alread…

Medical Fund for Minnie

I created this to collect fund for Minnie as the bill is getting higher and we want the best medical treatment for Minnie. For those in Malaysia, you may also bank in to my bank account directly as I am the one to takes care of Minnie's bill right now. This is solely on ikhlas basis and if you need further clarification you may contact Minnie's vet:

I Vet Pet Care Animal Clinic, Taman Keramat, 54200 KL

Donation via Direct Debit
Al Rajhi Bank
122 007 101 529 544
Nurain Mohamed Kalam


sekarang ni memang tengah stress. aku cuba jugak nak buat dek jer, just do one thing at a time. tapi lama2 jadi mcm bengong dibuatnya. maybe sebab aku fikir jugak pasal M2J yang sebenarnya tak payah fikir pun tak pe. tapi otak ni nak jugak fikir yang bukan2. banyak benda yang menyerabutkan sebenarnya. dari rumah, ke hal2 yang lain. or maybe sebab aku tak sihat kut jadi tak berapa stabil. 
rumah aku yang mula2 nak buat sikit changes jadi bertambah2 disebabkan building tu building lama. so tiba2 banyak yang nak kena repair. tapi aku puas hati jugak la apa yang dah aku buat. bilik air aku dah cantek - dua2. :D so harap2 lepas ni boleh lah nak dapatkan penyewa. aku plan nak buat airbnb. barang2 yang aku beli, ie katil and meja makan pun masih kat gudang lagi sebab rumah belum siap sepenuhnya nak angkut barang ke situ. 
penat sebenarnya kena buat semua sendiri. tapi kadang2 aku fikir, aku nak harapkan siapa lagi? serious otak aku penat fikir. penat aku gerak financial ke sini ke sana.