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what new year resolutions?

by - January 05, 2018

i don't remember the last time i had new year resolutions. i supposed it is the same as KPI lah kan? i have not had any resolutions for many years. :P anyway, this is what i want to do this year. i dont wanna call it resolutions coz it will then give me the pressure. hehehe :D

after i tried running again on 1st Jan, i think it kinda gave me that peace of mind and relaxing moment while running. so, i have registered for my next run on 11th feb 2018. feel free to join me if you want :D it's the urban run at dataran merdeka.

maybe after this i will run once a month? and owhh my dive trip... i should arrange soon!!

i have 2 things to settle that excites me... and 1 big day coming for my youngest sister. it does keep me occupied at the moment. busy with my apartment that needs to re-do and also clearing up the current studio. classes are less by 1 day / week. agak mati kutu lah... but will see how it goes with the gym.

**to be continued

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