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KL Traffic Madness

by - January 09, 2018

getting stuck in the traffic for 2 hours to the office is no joke. i planned to leave early today coz thinking that i dont wanna be late like yesterday. so i checked the waze and it stated that if i leave by 8.05am, i am still safe to be at the office by 8.30am. so that was what i did exactly. when i was ready just before 8.00am, went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for joey first before i leave my home.

somehow it started to rain when i left the house. and as i approached duke highway, and got into the contra lane - it stopped!! seriously it stopped like a parking lot! and the rain started heavily. and that is not the worst - the worst was, i had a terrible stomach ache and i cant move anyway!! seriously cannot!! i almost make a u-turn but i am worried of the motorcyclist who cannot stop on time as i turned.

i switched off the radio... tried to play my coffee prince to distract my focus to my upset tummy. dah keluar segala peluh2 jantan dah... tangan pun dah sejuk kebas semua!!! bulu roma dah tegak - tak payah cerita lah. siap chat dengan wazers lagi just to distract lagi. texted SA and told him.. boleh ko gelakkan aku.. hahaha memang la lawak tapi kalau in this situation, felt like running and leave my car by the road side!!

so at the end - the best solution was berzikir.. and i did just that - slowly all the cars started to move and i managed to get to Petronas Petrol Station on time to the washroom and alhamdulillah ladies' washroom was empty and clean. phewwww... and i reached office at 10.00am!!

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