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Busy weekend

by - January 08, 2018

bestnya bila weekend full. busy and penat at the same time but i have things to do tu yang rasa best. right now my house is like a store because i had to clear all the things from my studio. alhamdulillah i managed to sell off my sound system last night. kurang sikit barang2. at the same time, i was also busy cleaning up my apartment at sri ayu and i have plans for it - tengok budget macamana. tenant dah keluar so senang sikit nak buat the cleaning up and repairs. cuma nak bercakap jugak lah.. manusia ni kadang2 bila awal2 cakap mulut manis.. bila dah dapat jadi agak kurang ajar di situ... belakang2 aku wallahualam lah kan. but then again, alhamdulillah tenant pun dah keluar - settled.

i tried jogging last weekend - activity yang memang i dont like doing sebab i rasa mcm sakit di bahagian dada (sila fikir2 sendiri ye :p ) but since dah start ala2 run manja2 ni, kena la jugak kut try.. and for the 1st time menjejakkan kaki kat msn setiawangsa tu - not bad lah. cuma boring la kan dok round padang sampai 7 kali - dah rasa macam kuda pulak dah round gitu je hahaha  🤣

dah settled jog with my youngest sister, my next task is to clear up all debris at the studio coz senang nak handover to the landlord. and thanks to N4's fiance for his monster truck, i managed to carry out the big items left.

and if anyone wants to rent a space, it is available for rental now at RM2,500/month and you can contact me directly. 😼 more photos can be viewed here:

next destination was my other sister's house N3 coz she bought durians.. hahaha :D so had like 2 slices sebab her daughter stole my other 2 slices!! and dapat lah nap dalam 15 minutes. memang rasa nak gigit dengan yaya ni yang degebot... hahaha 😛

my dad arranged an appointment pulak with a contractor - so this is going to be another project. perhaps there will be before and after pictures of my apartment after this. and later 630pm i had another appointment with a guy to do the changes. senang nak compare price. so, okay... till next time... nak nap kejap.

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