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AKO's HideOut

by - January 25, 2018

yeahhh right now memang tengah ngantuk tahap gaban!! dah tersengguk2 nasib baik tak de orang perasan. anyway, at the moment i am doing some makeover with my apartment in taman setiawangsa. plan asal adalah, wanna transform it into an airbnb. so with the small budget that i have, i plan to do something with the apartment. but as usual bila dah excited ada lah terlari budget sikit. hik hik hik...

as i am typing this, my contractor.. well aku pun tak tau nak panggil dia apa. i actually knew him from FB and somehow we clicked and he is sempoi and i believe he can transform my place into an interesting place to stay. so yeahh i put the trust in him. and we both sama2 try to save cost... minimize cost kununnya - sampai somehow tabung nak pi USA dah gone. sorry saaa... nanti mama kumpul lagi ok.. dah terexcited buat rumah.

alhamdulillah i did not sell this house. see, i believe Allah has better plans for me.. the next plan is to make this a beautiful home and rent it out as AirBNB. amacam? good idea tak?

and i have already request CF to take pictures before and after for the areas that he is working on.

this is the master bedroom

breaking the kitchen area :)

i am not sure which part is this hahaha :D

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