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morning run

i had a bad tummy ache last night. sampai berpeluh2 menyelamatkan diri lari ke toilet. hahaha 😂 not funny but funny. and last night balik je terus tertido. maybe because i skipped proper lunch kut konon2 nak save for shellambak. but no one wants to temankan so thats it lah. makan lah kuey tiow seafood yg tak habis sebab sakit perut. bukan salah kuey tiow.. salah perut dah masuk angin dari awal.

2.30am aku terjaga teringat kat M2J. and i think he was still awake till about almost 4am? but malas nak kacau. i end up layan abang am dpt la 2 episodes. 
this morning lps subuh whatspp ZZ.. asked if she is running this morning. since ada kawan aku pun cepat2 bangun mandi and siap. budget half hour je sebab ada appt dah dgn contractor nak gi shopping tiles today 😊😊 so here are my records today.. so far so good dah maintain at 9 mins lebih instead of 12 dulu. i am better than before 😉😊

Shellambak @ HangOut Bukit Antarabangsa

it started when i got the advertisement on my newsfeed. memang dah lama teringin nak makan shellout ni tapi kalau nak pergi kat Enjoys Desa Melawati sure kena beratur. and dari lapar nanti jadi kenyang and lapar balik. so, i decided to ajak my zumba sisters if they wanna try this new place found called Shellambak. and of course i bring my prince along although he was upset for awhile when he knew my zumba sisters are coming. i dont know why lah. sedangkan dia pun ajak kawan dia. aparaa..
and so, yeahh i also saw the short video clip about this Shelllambak.. sila cari di fb ye.
date of visit: 27 Jan 2018
location: Hang Out, Bukit Antarabangsa. [Cabin Style next to Petronas Gas Station] Tel: 0183636726
place & decor: simple and nice ~ relaxing for lepak. it's like food truck environment but better seats, but perhaps not wheelchair friendly so much due to the steep way up.
cleanliness: 9 out of 10. [for the whole area]
restaurant service: friendly chef, reasonable waiting time.


it is so nice if this continues. flow and smooth conversation. but do i want to be like this? keep on hoping that this to continue. living in uncertainties? well, since i am ok now - i supposed it is okay. will i be patience any longer? my patience will not be forever. ok enough about M2J. being busy makes me think less about M2J.... not 😛
now its about my apartment therapy. my so called little repairs somehow has turned out to be a somewhat almost major make over. LOL 😄 i might as well move to that apartment after this.. ! it all started with just to paint the whole house. then when i inspected the kitchen, i dont think i have the heart to rent it out in that condition! i must do something about it. it is an old building. the pipe was leaking so i had to change the whole set. the previous contractor who did the piping did a job like just for the sake of getting it done. can you imagine, he put the pipe over the emergency exit! how am i supposed to open the grill in case of emergen…

lagi pasal KPR

last night was the last night and i am now on track watching this drama. #kekasihpaksarela. memang dah makin best and boleh la minah tu berlakun. anyway, what i am going to kupas today is about men's behavior. yang susah sangat nak berterus terang. or maybe i cannot generalize lah coz in a way dalam drama tu, the woman tu macam tu jugak. apa lah susah nak nak berterus terang. kan senang tak de salah sangka. 
tapi tengok remy ishak berlakon memang cool lah.. and kalau lah ada partner macam tu.. hehehe :D hokeh sangat lah. but yang hokeh part romantik dia.. and protective dia.. but not part yang dia kawen dua hokeh... hahah :D susah nak terima suami ada bini lain.  and tiba2 sekarang tak de mood nak blog dah... kepala serabut pulak tiba2.. ok la bai..

rindu awak

this dialogue or line is actually from the drama 'kekasih paksa rela' but somehow i like it and i have been missing M2J... and today after almost 1 week... i just tell him that i miss him so much.. hhuurmmm there you go.. 

AKO's HideOut

yeahhh right now memang tengah ngantuk tahap gaban!! dah tersengguk2 nasib baik tak de orang perasan. anyway, at the moment i am doing some makeover with my apartment in taman setiawangsa. plan asal adalah, wanna transform it into an airbnb. so with the small budget that i have, i plan to do something with the apartment. but as usual bila dah excited ada lah terlari budget sikit. hik hik hik...

as i am typing this, my contractor.. well aku pun tak tau nak panggil dia apa. i actually knew him from FB and somehow we clicked and he is sempoi and i believe he can transform my place into an interesting place to stay. so yeahh i put the trust in him. and we both sama2 try to save cost... minimize cost kununnya - sampai somehow tabung nak pi USA dah gone. sorry saaa... nanti mama kumpul lagi ok.. dah terexcited buat rumah.

alhamdulillah i did not sell this house. see, i believe Allah has better plans for me.. the next plan is to make this a beautiful home and rent it out as AirBNB. amacam? g…

jog lagi lah

last weekend i jog again at msn setiawangsa. but this time, i did better. i jogged for 4 rounds non stop tu wehhh... and i am proud of myself :D hehehehe i didn't understand how this thing works actually but i guess, if i can jog/run faster as in more km in few minutes it is better? but i remember WJ told me yesterday, it is not so much about how far i run/jog or how long is the time but it is about how much calories i burn doing it.

ye aku rindu dia

aku rasa macam2 dah aku buat untuk buat diri aku busy. tapi biasa lah kan.. mesti aku rindu kat dia. aku rindu pasal apa pun aku tak tau. mungkin aku rindu semua yang pasal dia.. aku pernah buat posting pasal rindu aku kat dia before this. kalau korang rajin, korang scroll lah posting tu.. tak lama dulu pun. aku pun tak tau sampai bila aku boleh sabar macam ni. Allah je yang tahu. sakit dada aku.. penat. but its ok kut. aku tahan je.. i believe good things doesn't come easy. kan?
malam tadi aku start layan drama kekasih paksa rela. best jugak bila dah start layan dari ep 1... akhirnya aku tido pukul 5 pagi kut... so sekarang ni aku agak2 lah macam zombie. dari mula2 aku tak suka si character hanan tu, bila dah tengok dari 1st episode baru la boleh layan and ok jugak lah minah tu berlakon. cuma ye lah... the women dalam cerita tu memang aku tak kenal lah... erti kata lain - tak famous. 

cant get you out of my mind

not just yet. maybe you are meant to be there for now. i miss you so much. but when i saw you, i just can't say anything. it's like i can hear my heart pounding from the outside :D see how you actually have that effect on me. so, right now i really need to get my work done but my mind is on you. haisshh... so, to save time, i search on writings about thinking of someone. nope i don't need a reason, i just do, thats all. so, ya'll do read this link :)

Time for a Break

it wasn't that stressful for me. except that of course, my mind will be thinking of someone who may not be thinking about me too. sad isn't? but that is life. people change in a blink of an eye. fuhh ayat... LOL 😀 anyway, i am trying on all angles to make myself busy so that i dont think of him but, well sometimes our mind likes to work at its own pace. just like running too i guess.. hehehe :D so, yes, i still think of M2J no matter what for now. but if forgetting him is what he wants, i will do that when i am ready or until the next distraction comes. until then.. i am still hooked on M2J.

and somehow, my body system is stressed out mainly mentally. unlocking some stuff bit by bit. and i like the progress so far. but, health wise, it was dropping last week. so, i was not well.. started with sore throat and blocked nose that in the end, i stayed home on medical leave for 2 days. and over the weekend i still need to ensure that i am up and well enough for the event which was …

Friyay Blab

rasa macam cepat sangat waktu berlalu. hari ni aku sibuk giler. sampai tak sempat nak turun to the training center for my 2nd day of training. WJ hari ni pun senyap, so kitorang tak sempat nak merapu kat whatsapp. M2J tak yah cakap lah.. sekarang aku rasa dah tak penting dalam hidup dia. ke, memang aku tak pernah penting dalam hidup dia.. aku je yang perasan. **sigh

aku rasa seronok hari ni sebab aku dah naikkan rating team aku kat office. and aku rasa bersyukur sangat sebab boss aku macam best pulak borak. sekarang aku rasa dia dah chill sikit compared to dulu2 masa dia mula2 masuk. aku pun main belasah cakap dengan dia (tapi masih hormat dia as my boss okay) maksud belasah aku tu, aku pun honest lah dengan dia. dia siap cakap 'i want the old you' kat aku. sebab dia kata sekarang aku macam is not a fighter macam dulu. bukan apa, aku dah penat nak fight for something yang aku rasa tak ke mana. its a losing battle anyway. hmmm macam tu lah.

tadi aku whatsp SA, aku bagitau dia a…

where is the mood

heheh cuba baca macam korang nyanyi lagu where is the love.. LOL :D ye, sekarang ni adalah usaha untuk menggembirakan hati sendiri. tadi lepak dgn WJ lagi and his colleagues. ye lepak ramai2 bukan berdua2an, nanti ada orang jeles, tak pasal2 aku kena serang lagi. hehehe :D tak kuasa ai you.

anyway tak lah selalu lepak kan, cuma bila terasa sejuk sangat kat office ke atau dah ngantuk sangat, ada lah join depa minum jap. tadi siap WJ tanya berapa berat badan aku dah turun.. aduss.. soalan berat nak jawab tu. tapi tak pe... sis tenang je menjawab soalan tu... apa2 pun sis punya target is by march 2018 kena turun at least ke 60kg. takkan tak leh buat kut.. 2kg je tu nak reduce kan.

so, tajuk tak de mood tu ada lah nak tempat baju for the wedding. nak glamor2 tapi bila memandangkan bentuk tubuh yang agak out on certain area terus tak de mood nak buat baju. camna kalau bahagian2 kat peha tak best kan... bukan tak bersyukur cuma nak look better in pictures kut. kemonnn this is like the last …

KL Traffic Madness

getting stuck in the traffic for 2 hours to the office is no joke. i planned to leave early today coz thinking that i dont wanna be late like yesterday. so i checked the waze and it stated that if i leave by 8.05am, i am still safe to be at the office by 8.30am. so that was what i did exactly. when i was ready just before 8.00am, went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for joey first before i leave my home.
somehow it started to rain when i left the house. and as i approached duke highway, and got into the contra lane - it stopped!! seriously it stopped like a parking lot! and the rain started heavily. and that is not the worst - the worst was, i had a terrible stomach ache and i cant move anyway!! seriously cannot!! i almost make a u-turn but i am worried of the motorcyclist who cannot stop on time as i turned.

i switched off the radio... tried to play my coffee prince to distract my focus to my upset tummy. dah keluar segala peluh2 jantan dah... tangan pun dah sejuk kebas semua!…

monday ramble

Sajer bercerita. Monday babbling

WJ: You ni bila nak reduce weight?
Me: Nape? I nampak berisi sangat ke?
Kwn WJ: Eh ok la tu dia body athlete per.
WJ: Memang la ok tapi tak balance... tgk biceps dia..
Me: Ada pe.. sket 😜
WJ: Ye ada, tapi yg tu... **pointing to lemak2 yang mcm buaian 😂
Me: Hmmm ye la... tahu... tgh try la ni 🙄
WJ: Cuba control makan tu
Me: Ye ye ok..

WJ is a footballer and freelance Referee. Somehow, when another fitness person commented like this, i don't get upset and I take it as another motivation for me to reduce my current weight... I know it is only another 5kg to go but... hehehe 🤭🤭😜 BUT if ko pun lebih kurang macam aku... merangkak nak lose weight... don't you try nak bebel. 😎

Busy weekend

bestnya bila weekend full. busy and penat at the same time but i have things to do tu yang rasa best. right now my house is like a store because i had to clear all the things from my studio. alhamdulillah i managed to sell off my sound system last night. kurang sikit barang2. at the same time, i was also busy cleaning up my apartment at sri ayu and i have plans for it - tengok budget macamana. tenant dah keluar so senang sikit nak buat the cleaning up and repairs. cuma nak bercakap jugak lah.. manusia ni kadang2 bila awal2 cakap mulut manis.. bila dah dapat jadi agak kurang ajar di situ... belakang2 aku wallahualam lah kan. but then again, alhamdulillah tenant pun dah keluar - settled.

i tried jogging last weekend - activity yang memang i dont like doing sebab i rasa mcm sakit di bahagian dada (sila fikir2 sendiri ye :p ) but since dah start ala2 run manja2 ni, kena la jugak kut try.. and for the 1st time menjejakkan kaki kat msn setiawangsa tu - not bad lah. cuma boring la kan dok ro…

what new year resolutions?

i don't remember the last time i had new year resolutions. i supposed it is the same as KPI lah kan? i have not had any resolutions for many years. :P anyway, this is what i want to do this year. i dont wanna call it resolutions coz it will then give me the pressure. hehehe :D

after i tried running again on 1st Jan, i think it kinda gave me that peace of mind and relaxing moment while running. so, i have registered for my next run on 11th feb 2018. feel free to join me if you want :D it's the urban run at dataran merdeka.

maybe after this i will run once a month? and owhh my dive trip... i should arrange soon!!

i have 2 things to settle that excites me... and 1 big day coming for my youngest sister. it does keep me occupied at the moment. busy with my apartment that needs to re-do and also clearing up the current studio. classes are less by 1 day / week. agak mati kutu lah... but will see how it goes with the gym.

**to be continued

my baby

joey is 18 today. wow how time flies. a sensitive, caring, loving in his own way, can be a good listener if he is in the right mood, and can be a hot tempered person too. nevertheless, he is my one and only prince who will be in my heart forever. i will always pray for you to be hambaNya yang soleh, di dunia and akhirat. may all his wishes come true and be good to all.  mama loves you joey - sangat2.. 😉

Aku hambaMu yang lemah, bantulah aku

i posted this doa many years ago. and when i thought i would never have to go through this again. and when i thought experience would guide me and i would be able to control myself. just that, we do not own our heart. He does. He controls it and not us.
Bingkisan Doa

Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah engkau catatkan....
Dia milikku tercipta buatku....
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku...
Titipkanlah kebahagian antara kami...Agar kemesraan itu abadi...
Dan ya Allah... ya tuhanku yang maha mengasihi....
Seiringkanlah kami melayari hidup ini ....
Ke tepian yang sejahtera dan abadi...

Tetapi ya Allah....
Seandainya telah engkau takdirkan...Dia bukan milikku....
Bawalah ia jauh dari pandangan ku....
Luputkanlah ia dari ingatanku....
Dan peliharalah aku dari kekecewaan....
Serta ya Allah ya tuhanku yang maha mengerti....
Berikanlah aku kekuatan....

Dan ya Allah yang tercinta...Gantikanlah yang telah hilang...
Tumbuhkanlah kembali yang telah patah....
Walaupun tidak sama dengan di…

Welcome 2018 - KL International New Year Run 2018

this is actually a compilation of my ig postings. nampak tak betapa i want to keep my blog updated?  i miss blogging really but i am sort of messy and can be said as koyak in a way.. not that koyak koyak but some sort lah. and i didnt want my blog to be a sad one coz at the same time i have a lot of nice things going on around me. so, please be patience and read on. For more photos, you can click on this link.
We encourage each other and became better and better. Through the friendship we learn that sometimes we didnt realise that we can do more than we think. In our fitness lifestyle, age is just a number, our friendship grows from 2series, 3series & 4series  All we need to do is just believe that we can, work for it and we shall achieve our goals.

I sort of started to run again last year after 8 years not running (7km in 2008). No, I am not a runner  I run for fun. Somehow I did it again last year for ACKU Charity run in 2017 and I felt like..bila n…