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by - November 09, 2017

yes he makes me happy. he makes me feel high in the air. but off-late i do not know where this is heading and it pulls me down. someone who used to cheer me up and accompany me during my down time has somehow vanished. i have become someone who loses my energy. i have lost my genuine happiness and i felt like it shows on my face and my attitude towards life. i felt lost in him. and i lost control of myself. i have become someone who is depending on someone else to be happy. not to say that i am not happy without him - just that when he does what he does, it pulls me down - sorry if you don't get what i meant. all i wanna say is i should focus back my energy to something that benefits me rather than someone who doesn't appreciate how i feel about us. at least that is how he makes me feel now. maybe i hope too much - on him and where we are heading. maybe i am not what/who he wants. despite saying all these - my heart is still with him but i let the Almighty to decide my next steps.

anyway what i am also saying is, there will be changes in AKO Fitness. soon.... when i decide to reroute my energy - good things happen. and i hope Allah will make it easier for me insyaallah.

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