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by - November 13, 2017

she should start doing her work but as usual she cannot keep her mind of him. the reality that sunk in really scares shit out of her. the reality that she cannot help her own feelings falling for someone whom she should have just kept as just friends. why? because because. she could get hurt again. but those chatting till late night and those simple morning wishes and exchange of cute selfies just filled up her days - with the hope it fills up his days too. when someone is so used to that routine and it stopped abruptly, it hurts. she just felt so empty without his messages. she can imagine his cute naughty face in her eyes. she tries so hard to read between the lines - between his actions but it all came blurry to her. or perhaps she is just in denial because she is afraid of losing him. he brings out the smile and hope in her when she was heart broken. but now, she needs to be strong again - if this is happening - that he is not meant for her.

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