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overweight issue

by - October 03, 2017

masalah besar bagi aku. i know it is a problem for me and yet it is just so difficult for me to discipline myself right now. toughest part is to reduce my carbs intake. for those who wonders who keep on saying that it is ok for me since i do zumba everyday - it doesn't work that way! rules is still 80% (food) 20% (exercise). 

so the frustration continues when i can't even wear most of my pants anymore. i have like more than 10 pairs of pants.. for work.. and i cannot even buckle it!! i am now wearing size 12 from size 8. that is like 2 sizes bigger. and i have been wearing 2 same skirts for the past 1 month. lama2 lusuh la skirt aku tuh... since yang ni pinggang dia getah.. masih boleh lagi masuk :p

today since no one joins me for lunch - i went to Nu Sentral and get to FOS. hehehe :D murah2 jer... buy 1 get 1 free... and most inspired by cerita teman lelaki upahan. neat and smart.. smart casual - just that, i won't be wearing heels like kyra lydia lah.. - cari nahas namanya. 

these were the baju and pants that i bought. heheh :D simple jer - janji comfy :)

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