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rainy sunday

by - September 10, 2017

woke up with heavy rain and of course lagi best tarik selimut. kalau tak kerana yoga at 9am, memang nampak gaya masih atas katil. masih membuang masa & usia atas katil sampai tengahari. perkara biasa for some people but i dont get this often.

why do you think i have yoga on a sunday morning? so that i get to provide place for people who wants to exercise and it makes me get out of bed early. and now that kaiser comes early morning to train joey, its good for him too!

anyway today i am having nasi berlauk for breakfast at a restaurant called east coast cafe, jalan 11/55c, taman setiawangsa. it is just a few doors away from my dance studio. not really my thing for breakfast.. hehehe :D more of kelantanese style.. sweet curry. i love this place because of the ambience and people.. and it feels like home and cosy. 

you should try their sup ekor.. my fav!! have a good weekend everyone coz i know i will. 

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