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queen of your heart

hehehe 😁 i just love this photo. simple because i was slimmer then and this photo expression is like.. i dont care whatever.. 😂😂 and yeah.. i am a queen.. used to be called drama queen by kaiser when i became emotional.. then when i got so caught up with my zumba activities he would call me zumba queen. but then again those are history.
now i am a queen of my own world and i could become a queen of your heart if you allow me to 😛 ahakss

dah berat

when it comes to me, apa lagi kisah berat badan lah. nak kira berat dosa, macam takut je nak cakap or cerita. heh heh :D okay sebeluam ya'll muntah. this is real story okay - bukan cobaan. and this is not drama. it is freaking real. here goes...
last monday i was about to start my monday class when i weighed myself. and i was really shocked to see - urrmm not that shock lah but yeah.. a bit, coz i know i have been eating like a pig. i wallap everything at any time. ingat badan aku ni auto adjust to maintain weight at 55kg? memang tak lah! i weighed 61kg hokay!! dengan jayanya loceng kecemasan pun bunyik ni noo ni nooo... of course i panicked. everyone says i don't look fat. i don't just that i feel heavy.  so guess what i did... i started my so called changed my eating routine. i don't take rice at night and replace it with something else. not as perfect but at least no rice coz it is easier for me to lose kg when i reduce rice intake. i am older now okay and yes i ac…