Friday, July 7, 2017

paper heart

all i can hear right now is the sound of the fan in my room. everyone is sound asleep and here i am thinking of you. thinking of what we have right now. to some people i need to know more about you which i dont deny.

you are the reason that i smile every morning when i get texts from you. and the same before i close my eyes to end each day. and there are many little things that you do that matters to me. 

i have gone through the similar situation before, that now i am being more careful with my heart. and yes each time i say that, it doesnt guarantee that my heart wont get hurt.

all i am asking for is for you to know that if you know what i am thinking, or what i want from you, at least before i go too deep of my feelings for you... please get their blessings. because i will not want to waste my energy for something that might not be achievable. 

this little heart is too precious for me for it to get hurt again.