Thursday, July 27, 2017

how can you miss a person when you hardly see him. but what i know i miss him. i just miss to be in front of him where i can look at his face :p i miss his sweet dimple whenever he smiles. i miss the feelings that i have that is calmed by his presence. i wish i have more words to describe how i feel about whatever that i am feeling right now. most of the times i cannot explain it either. i love the feelings that he made me feel.. and it made me feel young .. ermm well i always forget how old i am anyway. but maybe with him, at time he made me feel manja... hahahah :D #silajanganmuntah but then again that is how i feel la kan. God knows how he feels. he is a man with very little sayings which i guess why i adore him. "i just wanna shy guy" hehehe :D yeahh.. i don't really like orang yang banyak cakap. why am i babbling? tak pe la layan je lah ye.