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loving each day of my life and whom i have become. i decide what i wanna be and how i want to grow old. and i am grateful at this phase of my life, i am proud of who i am and who i have in my life | those who chose to stay.
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paper heart

all i can hear right now is the sound of the fan in my room. everyone is sound asleep and here i am thinking of you. thinking of what we have right now. to some people i need to know more about you which i dont deny. 
you are the reason that i smile every morning when i get texts from you. and the same before i close my eyes to end each day. and there are many little things that you do that matters to me. 
i have gone through the similar situation before, that now i am being more careful with my heart. and yes each time i say that, it doesnt guarantee that my heart wont get hurt.
all i am asking for is for you to know that if you know what i am thinking, or what i want from you, at least before i go too deep of my feelings for you... please get their blessings. because i will not want to waste my energy for something that might not be achievable. 
this little heart is too precious for me for it to get hurt again.

quit playing games with my heart

i know i should be doing my work. i brought back my lappy so that i could finish my presentation to show to my boss on monday at least. but knowing the hariraya season, i just dont have the energy to do it when i get home.

but right now i just needed to write something before i start to be really busy.

my mind is disturbed right now with some issues that i need to get clarification. i just dont want to have my time wasted for something uncertain. i know nothing is confirmed in this world unless given by Him, but i do want to have myself prepared for certain things. i know what i want in life now. alhamdulillah i have what people would want in life - maybe at this phase of my life i just want someone who can truly love me and take me as who i am. take care of me, or we take care of each other, honest in love, provides the needs as a spouse and live the rest of our lives together, having the same goals that is bringing each other up to be a better person in life and also closer to the C…