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soal hati

sebak lagi... when will i learn? aku ke yang terikut2 perasaan sendiri? aku ke yang perasan? atau i was lead on? bukan ke aku sepatutnya mature enough to know how to control situations? aku rasa kalau korang nak bantai aku dengan bebelan korang baik tak payah. aku bercakap soal hati. soal hati yang buat aku lupa siapa diri aku yang sebenar. mungkin dia yang buat aku lupa siapa diri aku yang sebenar. not in a bad way. but dia yang buat aku macam di awang2an. dia yang buat aku sengih2 macam kerang busuk dengan message2 dia. dia yang kadang2 hilangkan stress aku. cuma kadang2 dia juga yang membuat aku stress dengan rahsia2 dia.. too many secrets that perhaps now i should actually just give up. if it is meant to be, it will lead on to something more positive. and if it is not, ya Allah please ease this for me. 
sekarang ni aku sebak sebab aku rindu.. for heaven sake.. wake up ain!

live life as it is

just... beautifully written. if things doesnt go how you want it to be. take it.. accept it...dont put any negative thoughts to what has happened in your life. put in only positive thoughts and let go. it will make you a better and more beautiful person on the inside 😊😗 aahh i am so gonna blog this 😊  . and the only reason that i can be quiet or shut some people off of my life is because i need or i choose to be at peace. i choose to be feeling good about myself with or without you in my life. you and you and you have been there in my life for reasons. and you are being cut off because you handed me the scissors.  . all the above has nothing to do with the poem below. but it can mean something is my life.. some how or rather.  . #Repost @poemsporn_ with @instatoolsapp ・・・ "I grow tiresome with each passing day that somehow,  perhaps in a time between now and never I could have it my way.
But maybe it isn't a place in your heart that I should desire, maybe it isn't in your heart where I…