Tuesday, May 9, 2017

another short trip

work has been so hectic. i just a took a week off from work not deciding where to go yet. i am not gonna talk too much about office work hehhehe :D and i have a lot to think of about my studio. or perhaps what would be the best way to do to handle my current financial situation wisely. eheemm... things that i expect to happen is already happening this month. it is true that some people who does good things to you just wanna get things in return. i did what i had to do. but now i know, the person that i defended so much is just like another guy out there. people change once they already got what they wanted in life. when they feel that they have achieved their target. whether or not during that process if they hurt other people's feelings, it does not matter. its their ultimate goal that they are after. yup i am babbling. hmmm ok...

i went for a short trip to jogja.. yes.. again and this time i covered the live music places each night i was there. and the place that i enjoyed most is at the goebox cafe, i hope i spelled it right. maybe i will go there again when i am there. the place is relaxing and chilling and surrounded with students.

i am sleepy now.. i have a draft in my phone.. maybe i will post that later.,