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you owe me nothing

by - April 19, 2017

i was already asleep actually but somehow without saying proper goodnight won't put me to a sort of real sleep. if this could be a series of love drama, it could be a hit. 😊

you, have been the sweetest thing (well you are not a thing, per say but figure of speech thingy? 😁) that has happened to me for the past few weeks or maybe months. when i thought that i could never get to feel this way again. when i almost lost hope on feeling cheerful - or looking forward for the day that i could smile this wide - or even grin! well, you are right you can be moody and as the day goes by you taught me how to handle you 😛

as i go through my journey of life, i learned to put Him first in my heart. and it is true i supposed that when you put your trust in Him and His plan, you will feel your shoulder lighter than before. every day is another step forward to your Creator. i may not seemed to be pious to most people but this is the way of life that i choose to live in. 

there must be a reason why He make us meet. He tested me..and perhaps He tested you too. and now, to me, He has brought that rainbow in my life, alhamdulillah by making me get to know you. how long will this last? i don't know. nothing is certain because our life story is written by Him and only He knows.

what i am trying to say here is, you owe me nothing. if i can make you happy like how you have made me happy every day.. well almost every day 😛 it fullfills my being here in your life - for now. truthfully i do not know how much i mean to you but it doesn't matter because i learn to accept whatever that is going around on daily basis. do i have hope? if Allah grants it, alhamdulillah and if not, there is always a reason behind it. 

i wish and pray for you to be able to feel the happiness soon in you. look for Him.. deeper. i will pray that Allah will ease yours and my challenges that He put us in. please don't be sad okay. you, have my shoulder to cry on as how you have been that rainbow..for me ☺ 

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