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by - March 08, 2017

when it comes to you, i keep on telling myself to be strong. or i keep on telling myself to move on. i wish someday i can really be okay with all these things that are happening around me. i still have some parts of you in me which is still too difficult for me to get rid of. it is so hard and sad that someone whom you used to be with is now a stranger in your life. you only contact me if you need something from me - and yes, that is what / who you are now. you, make me see you as someone who wants to take advantage of what we have / had. i wish i am strong enough to say F6%k off but because despite of your selfishness and huge ego that you have in you, i still believe you are a good person and you, have taught me a lot about life. you have been there with us all these while - just that the thought will comes if they are all real, at all before this?

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