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turning point

by - March 30, 2017

just when i have been laughing and smiling more than crying for the last 2 weeks, he has to give me this video lah? one thing about this production, it relates to people's everyday life stories. which are real. and which this production makes you watch it and say "yeah, it is similar like what is happening to me now.. or this was what happened" kinda thang. 

so when i watch the video.. i kinda relate to my previous relationship and the realisation came late and it cannot be saved anymore. but that didn't make me cry.. relating it to my previous relationship.

but what made me cry was when she said something about being afraid of attachment.. about pulling back whatever that i feel. and about afraid of losing someone and in this case.. i am afraid of losing him hence i am creating this wall.. this is to protect myself from getting hurt again. afraid of losing someone who has been my sunshine when it has been raining for days. who gives me that smile on my face whenever i receive his messages 😊 i am getting sleepy now.. just watch this video. enjoy.

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