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proud mom - congrats joey!

by - February 14, 2017

yesterday was hari perlantikan pengawas for joey. he was nominated as temporary prefect last was a good thing that has happened to him because he learn about being responsible, in school at least 😁 at home, he is still my baby and mess up his bedroom. 

last thursday we went to cheras to pick up his white blazer. when he tried it on it looks a bit small and the hand was short but according to him, "it's the style Ma".. errmm ok lah.

then last saturday was the day that i need to fetch his blue prefect shirt. why la cannot do all those at 1 place? so i had to go to ttdi to take the blue shirt. alhamdulillah the place was easy to find. and owh the night before, we went to the uptown market in danau kota to get his track bottom till 2am! it has been a busy week. 

but yesterday when i saw his photos and how he tells me the story during the event. hehehe he sounded really happy and proud to be a Victorian. so am i.. proud that my son is chosen to be one of the prefects on his senior year.

congrats joey.. and keep it up. all the best for spm pulak ok. :* love you. 

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