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love beautiful weddings

by - February 21, 2017

19th Feb 2017: a wedding i attended. my cousin andy gave me an invitation card for his step daughter's wedding. somehow i can feel that it is going to be a beautiful wedding. i was praying hard that i can still fit into my baju kurung. the last baju kurung tailored 2 decembers ago when i was on a short trip to bandung. why i was praying hard? because i am sort of bigger than before. kunun2 sekarang ada bicep aarhh.. hahahah lol #silajangankecamsaya. well yeah.. i have sort of started my gym session again. but at of today, dah 2 weeks ponteng - hormone issue.. hahaha 😁.

ok anyway, back to the wedding. i made us arrived lated because i just have to color my hair lah kan.. oh well.. of course lah.. kalau tak nanti 2 kali kena gi hair saloon. when we arrived, rezeki apa je lah yang tinggal. salah sendiri kan. so i had laksa, kuey tiow goreng and cendol. alhamdulillah syukor..

the place is really beautiful. i just had to share it with my bff. oh yeaa.. let's just call it bff, coz that's what he claims. so i told bff that 1 day when he finally gets married, i will be dancing with a handsome gay 😂😂 just like 'my best friend's wedding'. the place is beautiful and cosy except because it was during the day, so it was kinda hot. my country very hot you know! 

so N4 and i took a few pictures lah kan.. i did not get the chance to enter the house. so maybe next time lah.. bila N4 kawin pulak.. tetttt 😁😁 

ok lah.. penat type pakai handphone ni. sakit dada i meniarap. later later ok.. 

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