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conversation 01

by - February 02, 2017

woman empower man
there's something about woman
they have that power to boost u up when u are low

vice versa actually

the energy all are way diff


yeap....had a discussion with my friend just now

ahh so ure boost up already?

no la, mana ada
i macam nie je la

hahaha mcm ni tu macamana?

single, but every morning told myself to keep going.
who knows maybe the woman that empower u are waiting for u to come save her 1st

if she can empower others, why does she needs to be saved?
**note: this question is looking for certainty**

well, u see, she needs to be loved
from a right man who truly appreciates her

ahhh.. spot on!
:) you just got A+

where is this beautiful girl
i wonder what are the color of her eyes

and who says she has to be beautiful?
** again... tricky question - if that is all man would be looking for.. beauty -- physically**

if she laugh or if she cries right now

if ... you are talking about physical

to me she is beautiful


inside and out

simply excellent

alaaa u ni sukati la nak yang macamana pon!

bwahahahahaha :D

disclaimer: some of these have been edited :) just to put some spices in the conversation. sometimes, along the way, you will meet someone either for real or virtually. someone whom you can talk to about almost everything or anything under the sun (or the moon :P). someone whom you just met, either for real or virtually but when you 'talk', it feels like you have known the person for a long time. someone who can just cheer you up when you feel at your lowest? or when you are tired with work or whatever that drains you up. sometimes, Allah will somehow give that spur of a moment of happiness :) #alhamdulillah.

so i think once in a while when we come across this kinda talk - i will post it in my blog. and i hope it will bring you to another world :)

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