Monday, January 2, 2017

welcome 2017

it wasnt the new year eve that i wanted. until i decided that new year eve celebration does not mean anything to me anymore. had a bad migraine for the past 2 days and i know why.. lack of drinking water. so, it was tough to get back on track and feel better..had to take 2 panadols, and arranged for a 2hour body massage. half hour before new year i was already on my bed playing with my phone. what else to do 🙄😐 **sigh**

early morning of 1st jan 2017 kaiser texted me and asked where i was. where else can i be? of course at home lah. apparently he wanted to take me out for a ride in a porsche that he babysits 😊 so yeah, that kinda brings smile on my face. he is quite unpredictable actually.. 1 day he can just ignore me and another day he can give me all the attention that i wanted. although at the same time i always remind myself that, i need to take care of my heart first. 

so, he took me for breakfast at craven, where we used to hang out many years back when we lived in bukit antarabangsa. then we went drive up to kl city centre before we go up puncak setiawangsa and take some photos. so, yeah.. my opinion? it was indeed a comfortable ride and nice. compared to Audi TT and Z3 i think that i sat in before. Audi TT was hard and bumpy while Z3 was noisy. 

it was ok 😎 i feel good. boleh lah.. 😛

that's all for the 1st day of Jan 2017 😉 till we meet again.

ain signing off via email.