Tuesday, September 20, 2016

missing my princess :'(

i wrote this on my FB status today... just spoke to her this morning over skype.. she looks so like an adult already.. hehehe folding her own laundry.. cooking for her meals.. i miss her so damn much. i wish i am a millionaire that i can fly there anytime.

"Ok.. I think I am going crazy... I am not Jane and I am not writing about my John. I don't care if people say I am emotional but this is my wall and if you don't like what you read on my wall, feel free to unfriend me :p .. I just miss her so very very much :'( I went to her room this morning and I can smell her.. I am feeling so empty without her.. talked to her over skype but it is still not the same.. and I feel like my tears are falling as I type this... or... wait... can't stop crying already"